A family with a dream

Located in the southern part of Romania, in Dragășani, Vâlcea County, a very famous place where wine is made, this is a story of a beautiful family that decided to recover the authenticity of the past. Combining this with great wines and an amazing mix of architectural styles, results a space of freedom, style and communication.

The history behind

Drăgășani is famous for wine since the 15th century when the Monastery of Dobrușa had grapevines and produced wine. The white wines from Drăgășani became famous during the 19th century when they received medals at different exhibitions in Paris. In 1898 a diploma of honor was received at the International Wine Competition in Bordeaux.

Avincis Dragasani

AVINCIS has three meanings: first, a combination of the name initials of the owners and the word VIN (wine), second one is coming from the Latin verb „vinco, vincere” and the last one coming from the French word „vainqueur” that can be also understood as „vin coeur” („wine of heart”). As the owner says: „In short, wines produced by our family, for your heart with which you win all battles”.

Avincis Dragasani

What to do

Explore the beauty of the wide domain

As soon as you pass the main gate, you enter in an architectural universe. First you will notice the main buildings that host the wine production and storing facilities, the restaurant and the accommodation. While admiring the grapes on the left and right you will discover also Vila Dobrușa, a manor that was refurbished and is used by the owner’s family. What we loved here is that you will not find any fences so practically you can visit the full domain without restriction. Of course, discretion is required. Even so, meeting the owners and saying hello is something pretty usual and it really gives you that family feeling we all appreciate at these kind of places. Also, it is a must to book a winery tour and tasting activity. Novice or expert in wines, you will enjoy the tour and the explanations offered. And in the end you will get the chance to taste their best wines and why not, buy for home couple of bottles.

What to eat

Local ingredients make the difference

When we booked the weekend we decided to spend as much time as possible on the domain. So, we chose a full board option and we were not disappointed at all. We had the same food as the owners, simple but tasty dishes, of course accompanied in the beginning by their new sparkling wine, then by a bottle of Fetească Regală and in the end by a beautiful Negru de Drăgășani. Some will say we had too much wine but when you are in a winery there is no chance to drink too much water.

Where to go

We are in a wine area so you will find couple of wineries you can visit around. Still, depending on the time of the year, we would recommend to stay on the domain and collect as much energy as possible from this place. If you still want to go outside, you can visit couple of wineries in the area: Casa de Vinuri Isărescu, Domeniul Drăgași, Crama Bauer, Crama Stirbey.

Avincis Winery
Avincis Winery
Avincis Winery
Avincis Winery

We often receive the question regarding the best time to visit Avincis. We say that it does not matter if it is winter or summer, this place has a certain magic. For sure summer is optimum as you can spend a lot of time outside. But spring and autumn are also interesting, the colors, the new season preparation or the late harvest.

Let’s all give a hand in the revival of the Romanian wine!

What SHE Likes

  • the view from Crâmpoșie apartment
  • the passion inherited from generations
  • the silence here

What HE Likes

  • Negru de Drăgășani wine
  • the smell of grapes during harvest
  • the family feeling


  • Long before the Roman conquest, Dacia was already a viticultural realm, especially the area that is nowadays called Drăgășani, in Oltenia;
  • On the Dobrușa hills, grapevines have been grown for thousands of years; The personality of the AVINCIS wines is given by the area of Drăgășani, in which we see reunited the saps, aromas and tastes sublimated by the grapevine from the soil, the light of the sun, Olt river and the millenary experience of the local grapevine growers;
  • AVINCIS is surrounded by historical and cultural objectives: the old Dobrușa Church (UNESCO heritage), the monasteries from North Oltenia – Dintr-un Lemn, Horezu, Arnota, Bistrița, Govora, Culele from Măldărești, the pottery workshops in Horezu;
  • AVINCIS is the continuation of a family story, with passion for wines which started in 1927. Maria and Iancu Râmniceanu, appointed officer of the Romanian army by Ionel Brătianu, have bought in Drăgășani the beautiful manor;
  • The manor built in a pure Neo–Brâncovenesc style is the private space of the family. The ones who want to find out more details about it and about the history of the family can look into an album with photographs and details regarding the restoration process of the manor, available inside the wine tasting room.


Avincis, Valea Caselor Street, 1A, Drăgășani, Vâlcea County

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Biertan Fortified Church
Cuibul de Lemn