Conacul lui Maldar

Back to the good old days

Conacul lui Maldăr, situated in Măldărești, Vâlcea county, is our place of beauty, peace and tradition. It became one of our favourite places to visit, enjoy and to share. We came back so many times in the last years, but every time we find something new to feel and cherish about it. Conacul lui Maldăr is the perfect mix of silence, amazing food, great wine selection and perfect services.

The manor is owned by a Romanian family that has managed to arrange this place close to perfection, a location with an important history and no other possible chance to welcome visitors before.

Conacul lui Maldar

What to do

Our best things to do here are sitting by the fire, playing rummy, tasting a good wine, reading, just enjoying the feelings and the connection that you can have, from time to time, with a place.

Summer in the garden. Winter next to the fireplace

During summer you will enjoy the garden and the swimming pool, while in the autumn and winter you will fall asleep in the big lobby – next to a beautiful fireplace.

Each room of the manor is different like size and design but all of them have one amazing detail: the doors that are still in their original shape, just refurbished carefully. You will have to try couple of them in order to decide which one is your favorite. We also have our favourites but we really liked the small room named Domnișorul Radu, as the tiny beds reminded us of childhood when time stayed still.

Choose a room with a porch. Nothing compares to a beautiful morning spent here. You will certainly feel spoiled by fate, back in the old days. So do not forget this small detail when making your reservation. ☺

What to eat

Old Romanian cuisine with a bit of modern touch

For sure the best place to eat is inside the manor. There is no standard food menu, each meal is announced in advance and you can choose out of two options. But the food served is simply delicious. We were told that the recipes are coming from a very old cooking book so you will feel the amazing taste of the old Romanian cuisine, with a bit of modern touch. Try the slow cooked duck and the local savarina, a very sweet and syrupy cake, made in their own style.

Where to go

Well, you can check the pottery shops, as the area is very famous in Romania thanks to Horezu pottery. You can visit the historical monuments of Măldărești called cule, the oldest one named Cula Greceanu. These semi-fortified constructions were in the past homes of the boyars, built for defense, for the family members. You can also visit the underground salt mine, Ocnele Mari, that is at around 30 minutes drive. See also Peștera Muierii or the Woman’s Cave, an elaborate cave system located in Baia de Fier, Gorj County, 30 minutes away.

Beauty. Peace. Romanian tradition

We all have a place – meaning that place. The place of the soul, the one of getting lost, the place of memories, feelings, of the good old days, no matter what they mean to each of us.

Conacul lui Maldăr is probably the place of our hearts.

Conacul lui Maldar accomodation
Conacul lui Maldar accomodation
Conacul lui maldar

What SHE Likes

  • the fireplace stories
  • the attention to details
  • the cozy & old style rooms

What HE Likes

  • the old Romanian cuisine
  • early mornings on the veranda
  • being the first who makes the fire in the morning


  • Conacul lui Maldăr is actually an old “cula”, which preserves all the architectural details;
  • With a history of over three centuries, “cula” was initially a fortified boyar dwelling, built to defend the Turkish invasions;
  • The mansion has this name in the honor of  captain Tudor Maldăr, who fighted for Mihai Viteazu, ruler of Transylvania;
  • Ceramics, the craft of giving life to clay is an old tradition in Horezu;
  • Today this craftsmanship is transmitted in the family circle, but also in workshops, pottery festivals and exhibitions.


Conacul lui Maldăr, Măldărești City, Vâlcea county

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