Viscri 125

Calming beauty, centuries old

The authentic beauty discovered in Viscri village became well-known around the world after Prince Charles of Wales came here, started promoting the Transylvanian identity and its natural wonders, also restoring here in 2006 an old saxon house (from 18th century) and giving it His name.

Viscri is for sure worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage title. If you didn’t have the chance to see it until now, prepare yourself to step on a very old, straight, unpaved road, welcoming you to a place where some days you can swear no one is living. That’s because there is a sense of tranquility, slow living and peace, time standing still, that you won’t meet in any other place or time.

Moving to Viscri, leaving city life behind

Here you can find Viscri 125, the first saxon house in the village that we visited. The young hosts here are coming from Bucharest, as they left their city life and duties behind, moving to Viscri and building something that would last, like many other persons or couples did in the Transylvanian village.

Viscri 125 semineu

Discover while walking on a green alley, many details, colours, beautiful corners of the inside garden.

The restaurant and the living area, in the past the old barn, are separated from the two rebuilt houses. Inside this beautiful open space there is an original wooden structure kept and some modern elements added.

Viscri 125 accomodation

The rooms are all decorated with traditional furniture, hand woven carpets and natural materials. There is also an apartment, still keeping the basic, old, traditional style. It has two rooms and a shared bathroom, perfect for family.

Our favorite room is No. 6, placed upstairs, in one of the houses. We love its stairs welcoming you, the wide windows making the natural light entering beautifully inside the room.

The simple joyful things to do

What to do

Inside Viscri 125 reading a book by the fire, drinking a glass of wine outside, on the beautiful terrace during summer time, enjoying a short walk in the backyard garden where children can find space to play and run, are the best things to do. And, indeed, there is no place for something else.

What to eat

At Viscri 125 is just one way to go when eating: Mrs. Viorica. The wonderful lady is cooking all kinds of delicious traditional meals, including amazing vegetarian options, so you will never get hungry or disappointed inside this place. Every meal is a feast, even if it is simple, but in that way in which every ingredient has his perfect place and flavor in your plate.

The traditional soups are all delicious, also the meat is good cooked. You must try our traditional dish – sarmale made here and also the vegetarian options which are always new and surprising.

Where to go

Viscri is best known for its Fortified Church, originally built around 1100 AD, included in the UNESCO World Heritage. Visit the fortified church and the museum recreating the Saxon way of life.

Simply walking along Viscri

In the area there are many options and activities to follow: horse-drawn cart trips and tasting the local cheeses (between May and September), mountain biking or trekking trail linking two Saxon villages (Criț and Meșendorf) to Viscri, truffle hunting in the woods (between September and December), observing the wild brown bear in the surrounding woods, admiring the beautiful diversity of wildflowers (some species extinct in the rest of Europe), simply walking along Viscri, enjoying the pastel facades of the houses, the domestic animals, the cows coming from the pastures, the geese walking and fighting and making the only big noise in the village.

viscri 125
viscri 125
viscri 125
viscri 125

There is something about Viscri that we couldn’t feel or find somewhere else. That’s why we always return for a special kind of emotion. Because we find it only here. Maybe the stillness, the time stopping for a while, the old life happening behind our eyes, our joy to see and observe it.

Viscri 125 will always be about authenticity, passion for things, Transylvania and wild travelers.

What SHE Likes

  • the green grass, the blue sky, the air, the outside terrace
  • the hospitality
  • the cats all around the place

What HE Likes

  • Viorica’s food
  • Room No. 6
  • the vegetables garden


  • Viscri 125 is a traditional saxon farm, built as a fortress;
  • Viscri was founded by Saxon colonists in 1185 and is a classical example of this type of settlements established in the area;
  • Facing hundreds of years of invading enemies, like Tatars and Turks, resisting through world wars, deported to Siberia after the Second World War, Saxons managed to survive for 800 years and almost completely disappear within less than 20 years, during the final period of the communist regime;
  • Presently only 10 Saxons still live in Viscri, and 13 000 in entire Transylvania, out of 250 000 at the beginning of the 20th century;
  • The Saxon mark on the village means: the rigorous structure of the properties, the high walls protecting the courtyards, the beautiful big Fortified Church.
Contact Viscri 125:

Viscri 125, Brașov County

Phone: (0040) 726 125 226



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