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We are Alexandra and Răzvan, passionate travelers in Romania. We met traveling around the country, exchanging ideas, images and experiences related to these lands that we have come to love. In recent years, through Romanian Romance, we have created our own collection of Romanian places dear to us, with images, movies, descriptions of the experiences lived in each destination, useful, we believe, to all those who want to discover more deeply than before the country in which they live.

Our mission

We are the ones who present the most beautiful places and experiences in Romania. We choose to promote only the locations that meet our expectations, we live all the experiences we talk about later. Moreover, we have our own criteria in selecting destinations and experiences: quality of service, the story behind the places, attitude towards guests, footprint of staff and hosts, good taste, involvement in the community.

Premium accommodation

We have brought together, in a complex and constantly revised form, experiences, places with soul, innovative concepts, examples of pioneering and good practices in Romanian niche tourism. From old houses, carefully transformed into warm places for guests, to mansions and castles where personal histories are still being written. From minimalist cabins that become your nest on top of the mountain, to boutique hotels-experiences.

Unique experiences

We enjoy experiences more than places, we shudder at meaningful stories, we interweave our passion with that of people who look like us, we cultivate a special sense for a different kind of travel – with old elements, details, story and personality, with roots and wings. From the serene Transylvanian villages and the fortified churches that watch over them from time immemorial, to the untouched forests and the still authentic countryside. From the local gastronomic points, where another Romanian cuisine is born, with new and old flavors, to the stories revealed in the Romanian wineries, among the aromas of dried plums, forest fruits and black currants.

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