Romanian Romance - proiect pentru tara

Welcome to the world of Romanian Romance. Here we focus our attention, work, passion and good energy on quality travel. And on those who prove their real commitment and insurmountable inner connection with their roots. In other words, Romanian Romance is a project of the new standard of traditional travel: the premium one.

Despre noi
Romanian Romance

We don’t think that there is a trip inside Romania that we can’t imagine, an area that we haven’t heard of or researched, a new place where we would not be interested to go, with the heart trembling with joy, or a new road that we cannot feel from the distance.

Romanian Romance
Romanian Romance

Imagine an old guesthouse, a bedroom that does not belong to you, but where you somehow feel at home, the fire burning, at the window the world and nature unfolding their times. The aroma of a traditional kitchen where someone is cooking. Romanian Romance is about this kind of things, experiences, rather than places.

Romanian Romance
Despre noi - romanian romance

With luck, a lot of work, devotion, good intentions, passion and care, but also with a good synchronization, Romania is slowly turning into a complete travel destination and more than this, an unique experience: safe, close to roots and traditions, among the few countries where quality rural tourism can be easily accessed by the majority of the population, with special stories and areas: virgin forests, untouched pastures, villages as they used to be, fortified churches, multiculturalism and great potential still untouched.

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Who we are?

We are Alexandra and Răzvan. We met while traveling around the country, exchanging ideas, images and experiences related to these lands that we now love. Even if we come from different domains in training and activity (journalism and marketing), the passion for traveling in our own country brought us together.

How was this project born?

We are surrounded by expat friends. Most of them wanted to discover Romania in time, but they encountered obstacles in terms of trip planning. Perhaps they have faced ignorance and mistrust. As a result, they avoided traveling around the country, or chose well-known locations close to big cities.

So we decided to share with them the places we like, in time discovering a wonderful Romania.

From here it was a simple step to an online platform, social media pages and growing audience.

Which are the destinations presented on the website?

We are demanding while traveling. We want those who follow us to enjoy unique, memorable, authentic experiences. We are based on a principle: visiting and living each location, without using “copy-paste” experiences that do not belong to us. We photograph, write, film, discover, talk, understand, wrap in a warm, story & concept. And we want to be a reference in the field, through objectivity and exigency. Important criteria for us in listing a location: the quality of services, the story behind the place, the attitude towards guests, the imprint of staff and hosts, good taste, involvement in the community.

Which are the principles of Romanian Romance?

  1. We visit every location we have on the list and live the experience;
  2. We do not reveal our identity especially when booking new locations;
  3. Travel costs (accommodation, meals, transport) are on us. In this way we maintain our objectivity;
  4. We do not charge fees for promoting the locations. We do this out of respect for the work of all passionate people;
  5. We use only our materials (images, movies, texts, impressions).

Which are the directions of development for the project?

Our project has two directions of development:

  1. Online (Web, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  2. Print (Travel Print Guide)
  3. Direct booking (partnership with Happy Tour Agency)

In the Fall of 2020 we launched the first edition of the guide “Travelers in your own country”. It brings together 30 unique locations in Romania, which we believe every traveler should know.

In May 2021 we will launch the second edition of this guide, in which we will present another 30 special places.

What have we achieved so far?

In a year since we embarked on this complex journey, we have managed to outline a collection of Romanian experiences. We managed to increase the audience a lot, reaching almost 110,000 unique visitors on, 46,500 followers on Instagram, 20,000 followers on Facebook and 1,000 on LinkedIn.

Perhaps just as important is that we managed to urge quite a few travelers to see, for the first time, with different eyes Romania, to enjoy the authentic beauty of the country.

Romanian Romance is in fact our own collection of Romanian places dear to us, with images, movies, descriptions of the experiences lived in each destination, useful, we believe, to all those who want to discover deeper than before the country in which they live. The project for a country is in fact a confession of what our souls enjoyed the most on these wonderful lands, of the places that offer such a vivid and authentic image of Romania.

We invite you to follow us and travel differently inside Romania. It has something to offer for each of you.