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Family, tradition, past and present

We often wonder, on our way and journey, how many places will still be revealed to us, what extraordinary experiences we will live, what hosts we will have the privilege of knowing. It’s as if the story continues more and more beautifully, but the surprise of discovering more and more different places is always present. And it is the surprise that keeps the journey beautiful, thrilling, alive.

Casa Baciu Colacu | semineu

Casa Baciu Colacu: huge snow, lovingly crafted wood, good food, modern comfort, tradition

 We are in Bucovina, in Pârâul Colacului, where we have an authentic winter: huge snow, a welcoming wooden guesthouse, food as we only find in Bucovina, modern comfort, but without forgetting the tradition of this land. We arrived at Casa Baciu in Colacu and it surprises us, once again, how the two worlds – past and present – can harmonize so well.

In Obcina Mare of Bucovina, at an altitude of 1000 m, Casa Baciu Colacu brings something new to the landscape of guesthouses in the area. Located right in the middle of nature, among fir trees and blueberries, the house somehow reminds you of the peace of the traditional family.

Casa Baciu Colacu | dormitor


At Casa Baciu Colacu you take that real break, in peace

At Casa Baciu Colacu you can take that real break in peace, in the ideal landscape for recharging, contemplation, reconnection with the nature we have inside and outside. At the same time, it can be a wonderful starting point for discovering the land of surrounding Bucovina. So silence or exploration.

You are between two hills, in an isolated place, in a landscape that you may not enjoy every day. The design of Casa Baciu Colacu is a traditional structure, a wooden house with old objects and carved wood, a resting place in the mountains, but inside you will be surprised by modern details: furniture, shades, materials, large windows, a beautiful fireplace that once lit, it becomes the soul of the house. You have here 8 rooms and an apartment, for renting completely, for family and friends or individually. Contemplate the surrounding nature, enjoy the comfort of the modern design or relax in the spa area arranged at Casa Baciu Colacu, perfectly completing the tranquility set by this place.

The traditional Romanian campfire

In the evening, enjoy the traditional Romanian campfire. Accompanied, obviously, by a cup of mulled wine, tea or hot chocolate. The magic of sparks, the energy of the place, the silence and the strong air will make wonders.


Casa Baciu Colacu and the authentic food of Bucovina

 You are in Bucovina, so the perfect area for the ​​Romanian good food, with taste, skill and passion as main ingredients. At Casa Baciu Colacu the feast of Bucovina continues: fresh trout, sarmale with urda (sweet cheese), mushrooms with cream, polenta with sour milk. Here you will also find delicious local products, which you can buy for home. So, the menu is traditional, just as we expected in this unique area of ​​the country and as we want to discover in our journey: the authentic, even in the dishes, which goes further.


Casa Baciu Colacu – relaxation at the spa or exploration in nature

 Around you have the most beautiful options at Casa Baciu Colacu, for exploring, discovering and moving in the fresh air: trekking, mountain biking (bikes can also be rented at Casa Baciu), observing the species of birds and animals that live here, in the natural area of Pietrele Doamnei, horseback riding and on Rarău slope in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, skiing and of course, winter parties organized at the apres-ski.

Beyond everything that can be explored around, both in summer, in the natural area, and in the cold season, on the slopes of Rarău, we recommend the well-deserved break inside the oasis of Casa Baciu Colacu. We believe that the most beautiful and profound experiences remain those of total connection to the energy of a place. Knowing every detail and corner of the story, enjoying the smell of carefully crafted wood, talking to the locals, being open to every emotion that the trip offers you as a gift.

Memories, impressions, aromas and tastes of Bucovina

 We often choose to stay inside, to enjoy everything, to understand once again an area of ​​Romania where we do not have the chance to reach every day. In this way, we keep the memories, impressions, aromas and tastes of Bucovina longer inside ourselves.

Casa Baciu Colacu brought us back close to tradition, to the warmth of a wooden house, the joy of the fresh air and the details that make life and travel more beautiful. The light, the colors, the home style food, the smile of the people we met, the passion put into things, the campfire, the living fireplace, the nature that inhabits us.

Casa Baciu Colacu | restaurant
Casa Baciu Colacu | SPA
Casa Baciu Colacu | view de pe balcon
Casa Baciu Colacu | living

What SHE Likes

  • the modern details combined with wood
  • connecting with the surrounding nature
  • the wide windows

What HE Likes

  • the isolated place
  • the familiarity
  • the burning fireplace


  • Casa Baciu Colacu belongs to Baciu family, famous in the area, for the traditional products they make and for the guesthouses managed in the surroundings;
  • Pietrele Doamnei Natural Area is a protected land of Suceava County; It has an area of 253 hectares, on the northern slope of Rarău Mountains, at an average altitude of 1400 m;
  • The area is the home of a large number of plant species: Queen’s Flower, Lady’s Slipper, Argințica, juniper and animals: mountain rooster, Minuniță, woodpecker, some of which being very rare;
  • Rarău slope in the area has a length of 2840 m and a medium degree of difficulty, at an starting altitude of 1220 m;
  • There is a gondola, a night slope and an artificial snow installation.


Casa Baciu Colacu, Fundu Moldovei, Suceava County

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