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A story with flavor, passion and details

A love story. Even if at first sight or visit here it would seem a place exclusively related to wine, to the life in a winery and its customs, we discovered Crama de Piatră as a place of love and passion, in any form they manifest. It is also a space for friendship, personal involvement and family history. Located between Prahova and Buzău counties, Crama de Piatră is a six hectares estate that produces Boian wine ”in small but fair quantities”, with a restored old mansion, a terrace facing a wonderful nature and a restaurant where the family host participates in writing this fairytale.

We are glad to observe the birth, growth and development of wine tourism, happening right now, in Romania. More and more beautiful, inspirational stories about wineries and Romanian wine, the varieties, the passion in the field, the culinary experiences and special accommodation that complete this picture full of color and taste.

Crama de Piatră revives in 2018, in a story focused on family

Crama de piatra - camera de oaspeti

Today we are in the village of Vadu Săpat, right on the border of Prahova and Buzău counties, in a place that has existed for more than 100 years. Built for three years, between 1909 and 1912, by Italian craftsmen who came to Dealu Mare area, adding a cellar afterwards, built of stone. Licorna Winery, built nearby, is also made by the same Italian craftsmen, with a wine cellar looking exactly like the one from Crama de Piatră. After 1995, Crama de Piatră goes through a period of 23 years of pause and degradation, but revives in 2018, in a story with a happy ending that has the family in center.

Crama de Piatră: 12 rooms built in the old mansion, modern design, solid wood, a welcoming restaurant and an interesting menu

Today Crama de Piatră goes on, with 12 rooms built in the old mansion, with a modern design, solid wood, a welcoming restaurant and an interesting menu, locally adapted, a generous terrace where summer and autumn evenings can be lived so beautifully, next to the rich and mysterious vineyard.

Crama de piatra - restaurant

From 2018, the first wines under Boian brand were launched at Crama de Piatră, with  20 000 bottles of wine annually. Wine tastings are also organized in the area. Among the varieties grown here: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Fetească Neagră and Fetească Albă. It should be noted that until the wine reaches the bottle, no chemical treatment is applied.

Local and international tastes and flavors, accompanied by the local wine and brand

The gastronomic experience at Crama de Piatră surprised us, finding here local and international tastes and flavors, the menu having the signature of chef Marius Greab. Each dish is obviously accompanied by a variety of their own brand, Boian: Italian Riesling, white, suitable for warm summer evenings and Feteasca Albă, with intense notes of citrus, acacia flowers and apricots. Then Feteasca Albă and Regală, two Romanian varieties brought together, the friendly Rose, balanced and joyful, Cabernet Sauvignon and Feteasca Neagră with hints of vanilla, spice and dark chocolate, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of sour cherry, coffee, vanilla and wood.

We enjoyed every moment spent at this winery built with a lot of passion, work and sacrifice. Just as the vine itself needs so much patience, skill, attention and love. We found ourselves in the stillness of a place that can be so gentle, quiet and peaceful, while spending one of the most beautiful, intense and long autumn evenings.

Dealu Mare area: wineries that recreate wine tourism in Romania

Because we are in the wonderful area of ​​Dealu Mare, near Crama de Piatră you can discover other wineries that recreate in this moment the wine tourism in Romania: Licorna Winery, in the construction of which were involved the same Italian craftsmen, Mierla Albă, with a special blend of Fetească Neagră and Merlot, Apogeum, a winery known for the best Fetească Neagră in Romania and Lacerta, located in a fairytale area, which reminds us of sunny Tuscany.

Crama de Piatră is a simple story, but full of flavor, passion and details. Coming from a beautiful united family, it managed to become in a few years a place of refuge for travelers, a wine producer and creator of premium Romanian experiences. We are glad that we crossed its threshold, that we felt its good energy and that we met its beautiful people without whom this story would not be complete.

What SHE Likes

  • the familiarity, lightness and simplicity of the place
  • the family story behind the place
  • mornings at the window

What HE Likes

  • the name of the rooms, related to the wine varieties
  • the outdoor terrace during summer
  • the history of the winery


  • The first written documents about the existence of the vine culture in Dealu Mare area date from the XIV-XV centuries;
  • Dealu Mare vineyard is said to have produced an “oily, strong and sustainable” wine, compared to the best wines produced in other countries;
  • Although Dealu Mare is not the largest wine region in the country, the wines of the area obtain more than a third of the total Romanian medals;
  • The Dealu Mare area, one hour from Bucharest, is rich in traditions, history, architecture and gastronomy;
  • In Dealu Mare there is also a large variety of wineries, small, medium and large, with different products and experiences.


Crama de Piatră, Vadu Săpat 173, Vadu Săpat Village

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