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Yesterday’s charm of Oltenia

We gladly return to the places of our souls. We discover a different story every time, in every place or maybe the feelings are always different. We enjoy the beautiful changes, the new faces and images of the places, their growth, together with recreating new stories in the same magical frame.

We just had such feelings, rediscovering a place we are emotionally attached to, through a new story: the traditional house of Maldăr’s Mansion in Oltenia, a new experience offered to travelers, but different from what was offered so far.

A new universe, salvation from oblivion and ruin

Casa Maldar - living

The decision to recreate a story came naturally for Conacul lui Maldăr, the courtyard next to it and the beautiful old house from here inspiring the hosts of the mansion to create a new universe, saving a property from oblivion and ruin. Separated today by a fence, but also by different times and worlds, the two stories of Maldăr are found in a common point: the charm of yesterday’s Oltenia.

We discovered in the courtyard next to the dear mansion a beautiful old house, rebuilt with care and skill. A vast, green courtyard with all kinds of plants and trees, all coming from the courtyards of our grandparents and great-grandparents. A special charm and tranquility, while standing still, a beautiful wooden porch, in the shade of which the times and seasons were certainly felt one by one. We enjoy the warm light of the afternoon, which lies beautifully on the traditional house, just above the wooden bench from which you can observe in peace everything that happens around.

An Oltenian dream lived again

Inside, an Oltenian dream lived again, with everything authentic in this part of the country: old materials, refurbished furniture, details, colors and old accents, reused authentic objects, wood, photos, every room recreating an universe.

Casa Maldar | dormitor


The traditional house from Maldăr’s Mansion recreates the authentic and old Oltenia, giving you the chance to live for a few days those times. Perfect for two couples or a family, the house has two authentic bedrooms, a fairytale living room, a fully equipped kitchen. Small details will recreate the experience, one story in each corner of the room. After exploring the rooms, we rest lazily in the authentic bed, enjoy a glass of cold water, choose the upstairs bedroom, arranged in the attic that seems non-existent from the outside, but which becomes a real universe inside. Then we take a few moments to rest on the porch, bathed in light and shadow, we take a deep breath, we immerse ourselves literally, in silence, in all the beauty around us. It’s quiet and good.

The traditional cottage, an idyllic place, only ”to stay”

In the same yard we find out that there is a traditional spa, just right for a real treat in the middle of nature and nearby you can enjoy the relaxation area, storytelling or serving the meals of the day.

The old cottage is definitely an idyllic place, just ”to stay”. Nothing more. Maybe just “to contemplate” – the nature, the beauty of Oltenia, the light, the colors, the charm, the peace and the passion of people with such a soul.


The first stop is definitely at Maldăr’s Mansion, if you haven’t been here before. The old cula, transformed into an elegant and at the same time authentic mansion, the red geraniums at the windows, the details and pieces of old furniture, the excellent food. Also here you can have a fairytale breakfast, lunch and dinner. Carefully and skillfully prepared from old, reinterpreted cookbooks, transport you to different worlds. It’s a pleasure for us to just go through the menu that sounds like an invitation. Traveling with flavor and taste, consistent traditional soups, nicely cooked meat, surprise ingredients, that only the ladies in the kitchen know, surprising garnishes and fluffy cakes. It’s all a feast.

A beautiful world of Oltenia, still preserved, with tradition, old and new crafts, monuments, architecture and history

Next to Conacul lui Maldăr’s and the little house, a beautiful world of Oltenia awaits you, still preserved, with tradition, old and new crafts, monuments, architecture and history. In Măldărești, 46 kilometers from Râmnicu Vâlcea, immediately after Horezu, it is said that Tudor Maldăr, captain in Mihai Viteazul’s army, retired in the 17th century. To see here are Cula Greceanu, with elements of the Brâncovenesc style, among the oldest constructions of this type in the country, cula Măldărescu I.G. Duca, built in 1812 and the I.G. Duca memorial house.

The area is also strongly marked by religion, so you can visit the monasteries Dintr-un Lemn, Hurezi, Arnota, Bistrița, Polovragi. Also here is the 11-kilometers Polovragi Cave, Peștera Muierii, with a rich history and bats’ Cave, inhabited by hermits in the Middle Ages, Oltețului and Bistrița Gorges. Horezu is also known as an ancient center of pottery. Horezu pottery is made in the traditional way: the authentic pottery wheel, horizontal wood ovens, traditional finishing objects.

Returning is that we recommend, from time to time

Quiet, a good break, green and wood, tradition and symbols, Oltenia all in one place. In fact, in one house, brought back to life more beautifully than ever. This is what we felt, being guests in the house of Măldărești. Returning is what we recommend from time to time, especially for the mind and soul. To the simple and authentic in us, which accompanies us everywhere, but which does not always come out.

Casa Maldar | Dormitor
Casa Maldar | Detalii
Casa Maldar | exterior
Casa Maldar | Curte

What SHE Likes

  • the mornings on the porch
  • the attention to detail
  • the colors and objects of the house

What HE Likes

  • the green and quiet courtyard
  • the preserved wood
  • the authentic furniture


  • The house in Măldărești is for rent completely, being ideal for two couples or a family;
  • Meals are served at Maldar’s Mansion; You can also participate in the activities and events organized at the mansion, with access to its facilities;
  • Horezu is documented in a paper belonging to ruler Vlad Călugărul, in 1487;
  • The current name comes from the name ciuhurez (huhurez), an owl-like bird that inhabits the surrounding forests;
  • The development of the settlements of Horezu is related to the transhumance routes, to the roads of the outlaws that crossed the area, as well as to the salt road.


The traditional guesthouse from Conacul lui Maldăr, Măldărești, Vâlcea County

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