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The modern retreat out of the simple authentic

The world is changing. So are the experiences, the places, the stories, travel. We love to discover from time to time on our way destinations and hosts that recreate and innovate, starting from an authentic idea. That’s because beyond the traditional warm, we sometimes need something extra to transform our already known experiences.

This was the case of Timian Chalet, a place that offers authentic experiences, but also a modern, adapted, current location, ready for the premium Romanian tourism. Located in the beautiful county of Harghita, Timian Chalet is a secluded oasis a few hundred meters away from the main street, a vast and generous land, with a wonderful view of the most beautiful hills and meadows around. A world in which we discovered two stories: an authentic wooden house, built on the bank of a river, in a total disconnection from the current times. Further on, a modern building with wide windows and a beautiful terrace at the entrance, in a very good air and peace. A modern cottage, adapted to modern needs, beautifully decorated, with great taste, colors and details, that warm and relaxed comfort of a premium trip.

Timian Chalet, two universes

So, two universes at Timian, whose signification we find out to be thyme, a beautiful connection with the plant that grows on the wonderful meadows of Harghita.

The place has a story close to heart because it says, as always, something about the history, passion and dreams of the hosts. Coming from other fields of activity, the family that owns Timian Chalet created here, from the passion for nature, tourism and the idea of ​​a complex retreat, a very special place. We learn that Timian Chalet is actually a place of retreat, restoration and reconnection of the mind-body-soul, that it was built as a wellness concept, perfect for regaining balance and cleanliness, both external and internal.

Timian casuta traditionala

Timian Chalet, mind-body-soul reconnection

If the small location takes us out of the known world so indeed a therapy for mind and soul, the modern cottage that follows it will take care of the body, as it is built like a real Spa center.

We spent the weekend in the cottage by the river, being completely captivated by its sound every morning at the window, by the peace that you can meet, from time to time, inside yourself, but also outside. A space with a living room, kitchen and also place for dining, authentically decorated, with colorful painted wooden furniture, with motifs specific to the area, made by locals. A lot of color, warmth and spirit in the little chalet. Also here, two sleeping spaces next to the roof, with access with detachable stairs, which would certainly delight every child. The large bedroom has a beautiful view over the surrounding meadow and beyond, over the forest of the area. We felt it like an almost sacred space, full of energy, light and peace. Intimate, simple, warm, with a small window, place where the morning light enters charmingly. Stay here.

We enjoy the coffee in the morning on the small bridge that crosses the river, we watch in peace the goats that run freely on the hills next to us, we enjoy a spectacular breakfast

There is no time to do anything else, at least for us, apart from enjoying the peace and warmth offered by the comfort of the little house. We enjoy coffee in the morning on the small bridge that crosses the river, we watch in peace the goats that run freely on the hills next to us, we enjoy a spectacular breakfast, consisting of many goat cheese specialties produced here, under the Timian brand. We would not move at all from the discovered place, even if the hosts encourage us to discover the surrounding places. There is so much peace, light and good energy.

We also visit the modern chalet in the neighborhood, where we enjoy the story of Timian told by the fire burning in the fireplace. This is different, maybe coming back to reality, to the modern comfort, to what can give you a real retreat in nature. Ten rooms await their guests here, each in its own journey and story, personalized, arranged and accessorized differently. Elegance, refinement, color accents, different structures, light, all combined in harmony. Try to understand and read the story of each room. It will make you better understand the spaces, the corners where you can find your rest, the energy of the place.

In the same generous chalet we enjoy the living room made in the same style, with large and comfortable armchairs that look at the element that we always consider essential: the fireplace. This time modern, but offering the same good energy. Downstairs the restaurant, generous and current, a modern bar and space suitable for all events.

Timian Chalet dormitor

Timian Chalet, a true retreat in nature

The surprise at Timian Chalet comes from the spa and wellness area, seeing here a real retreat for mind, body and soul. A lot of wood, a generous space with window walls, through which you can admire the whole area. A state-of-the-art sauna, relaxation and salt room, massage, yoga, body therapies and more, with plans to build pools and a jacuzzi outside, in the most beautiful nature.

Timian’s experience also comes with entering the authentic world of goat cheese production. There is a small farm here, as well as a laboratory and a cheese factory of all kinds. We tasted all the goodies, including matured goat cheese, cheese with greens, garlic, cranberries and truffles, even camembert cheese. The animals from their own farm are fed only with fresh grass and hay from the alpine pastures of Harghita, rich in medicinal plants, typical to the mountain area. And Timian cheeses are made from fresh, pasteurized milk, do not contain additives or preservatives. The production process is based on manual processing. The entire menu at Timian Chalet therefore has the imprint of these local products, which you can also order at home.

Visit Harghita!

Even if the place and the energy here would attract us to linger for days, the whole area around the city of Miercurea-Ciuc is rich in touristic, cultural, religious and natural objectives. Among them: Lacul Roșu, the largest natural mountain lake in Romania, Lacul Sfânta Ana, the only volcanic lake in the country, Salina Praid, whose beginnings date back to the Daco-Roman period, Bilbor Resort, with almost 700 springs of mineral water, Borsec, for the special landscape and the “little Switzerland” from Băile Tușnad. Poiana Narciselor can also be included in the list, especially in May, in Vlăhiţa, near Pokol-láz. It is one of the largest meadows with spring flowers in Romania and also a protected area of ​​20 hectares. Then Lázár Castle, close to the center of Lăzarea village, one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance architecture in Transylvania and of course, Miercurea-Ciuc, a small town with many old, medieval-looking buildings and churches with a history of fighting between Orthodox and Catholics. Also here is the fortress of Mikó, built in 1623, right in the historical center of the city. And the list goes on.

The peace and quiet of the small wooden chalet, the intimacy and sound of nature, the comfort and good energy, the therapy of the retreat in Harghita

Returning to Timian, we realized that we really had a deep and complex experience, with all sorts of feelings gathered: peace and stillness in the small wooden chalet, reserved only for us, the intimacy and sounds of the surrounding nature, comfort and energy, relaxation and a retreat therapy in Harghita. Above all, the pleasure and curiosity to talk to the hosts of the place, to understand the dreams, motivation and goals of the people dedicated to such a place. We once again enjoyed the devotion, the passion, the power to create, recreate places and experiences, the love for a country, for nature and returning to the essential, always the basis of the different Romania.

Timian Chalet apartament
Timian Chalet apartament
Timian Chalet
Timian Chalet

What SHE Likes

  • the quiet and rustic bedroom in the small traditional chalet
  • the river flowing at the window
  • the intimacy, tranquility, depth of the place

What HE Likes

  • the place with sheep and goats
  • the spa facilities
  • the openness and hospitality of the hosts


  • Miercurea Ciuc is the smallest county capital in Romania; The name of the town is first attested as Csíkszereda in a letter from 1558, referring to the weekly fairs held here on Wednesdays; Until the interwar period, the Romanian name of the city was Sereda Cicului, after which it was translated into its current form;
  • The construction of Mikó fortress begins on April 26, 1623, by the order of Francisc Mikó; The fortress was rebuilt between 1714-1716;
  • Harghita County was established in 1968 through the territorial reorganization of Mureș – Hungarian Autonomous Region;
  • Archaeological discoveries show that the territory of Harghita County has been inhabited since the Paleolithic;
  • The flora and fauna are well represented in Harghita County: beech, hornbeam, oak, on the mountain tops spruce, red shock, maple, currant, then willow, wicker, alder, reed; Deer, wolves, foxes, wild boars, squirrels, rabbits, lynx, martens, bears, Carpathian deer, mountain eagles, tits, blackbirds also live here.


Timian Chalet, 201 Csaracsó Street, Miercurea Ciuc County

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