Alma Vii Fortified Church

Originally built in the 14th century, on the hill overlooking the commune, it received the fortified structure around it 200 years later. In 1840 it is equipped with an organ located at the western end of the hall.

Over time the church has undergone many changes, some of them having a modern and inappropriate character. In 1966, a massive restoration process was completed, some modern additions being removed and its original appearance restored.

In 2015 Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation (MET) together with its partner, the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, started a project to rehabilitate and refurbish the fortified enclosure. Later, in 2019, the Embassy of the United States of America financed the restoration project, considering it an investment and support of Alma Vii community.

  • Stay at Alma Via Guesthouse, a wonderful guesthouse owned by hosts of German origin; The food is delicious here and the old elements of the house are beautifully blended with modern details.
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