Casa Boierului din Deal

Casa Boierului din Deal, Clondiru de sus, strada Principală nr. 117, Dara 127473

Fine dining on the porch

The aroma and flavor of a past life. A special charm, a complete silence in every corner. A beautiful, smooth, undisturbed landscape, like a straight line that goes from the beginning of the world to the other. Clouds and clear, colors of the sunset, blurred shapes and contours, shades close to the earth, a bohemian air.

Casa Boierului din Deal was for us a small oasis, built in the Romanian style – Brâncovenesc – with a beautiful porch, many details and vivid colors, all accompanied by the surprising gourmet restaurant. Here we discovered wonderful dishes, prepared with love, passion and smiles by the local host. Rather a real mansion, from the architectural point of view, Casa Boierului din Deal is a beautiful family story. It is built in one of the viticultural areas of Romania, respecting “the beauty of tradition, but experienced in a modern and fresh way.”


Less time to spend, more to enjoy

Rest, disconnection, good food, a wonderful scenery, all on the same porch. Less time to spend, more to enjoy, on the terraces, in the courtyard of the house, in the living room created with traditional accents or in the restaurant inside which the host of the house will smile at you every time. The upper floor of the mansion is dedicated to accommodation. Here you will find three bedrooms next to the generous living room, a place to complete the experience on the hill.

Furthermore, the host and chef of the place created here a true image of the post-traditional Romanian cuisine, based on values, history and of course, on Romanian dishes. A sensorial journey rooted in the Romanian tradition. The entire team of chefs, internationally awarded, inspired by the old recipes, has created a Romanian fusion menu. The ingredients used come directly from the farms and the options of the dishes can be adapted to each taste and type of diet. We ate matured beef, duck breast cooked sous vide, a delicious risotto and even reinterpreted tacos, in our style, not to mention the homemade ice cream, with a special taste and texture. The menu is not completely à la carte, but it offers special dishes, signed by the chef, a variety with a perfect and balanced taste of the place. At the same time, at Casa Boierului din Deal you find wines, created, cultivated and fermented in the house, in their nearby cellar, designed to match perfectly with the food and which can be tasted.[ anchor=”costs”]


Apogeum, Lacerta and Crama de Piatra Wineries

Being in a rich wine-growing area, lands that we love, on the roots of which we always find rest, peace, energy, but also joy, a tour of the wineries in the area is a must. We recommend Apogeum Winery, the former residence of Prince Nicolae of Romania, a wonderful estate now restored and the winery where the much-appreciated Fetească Neagră is produced. Then Lacerta Winery, for a winery tour and tasting of six varieties of white wine and six varieties of red wine, winner of numerous gold medals in specialized competitions, hosted in a new, modern winery. Then you have to get to Crama de Piatră, a beautiful family business, with good wines, comfortable accommodation and a wonderful home-like atmosphere.

A solitude that does good

We were glad to find another oasis, somehow secluded, quiet, in a solitude that does good, blesses, rinses everything that is not necessary. Casa Boierului din Deal is the return to a world, the family that builds forever, the food that once rooted can also have wings, the good taste, simplicity, details, the warmth of a host as we dream to meet in every place we enter, full of hope. A complete experience, on the most beautiful porch of a hill.Casa Boierului din Deal, Pietroasele Commune, Buzău County

  • the porch and the most beautiful picture outside
  • the reinterpreted menu
  • the host of the house
  • the sunrise and sunset on the terrace
  • the warmth and tranquility of the place
  • the long summer evenings on the porch
  • We recommend that if you are just passing through the Casa Boierului din Deal, to call in advance to book lunch or dinner;
  • There are only three rooms for accommodation, the place being perfect for a small group of friends or family;
  • Casa Boierului din Deal also organizes special events, prepared in advance and reserved;
  • Try something different from the menu provided, each time; You will have surprises at every dish tasted;
  • Winery tours and tastings at the surrounding wineries are also made on a scheduled basis, details can be found on the site of each place.
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