Mesendorf Fortified Church

Meșendorf is one of the few localities in the region that has kept a single name for all the ethnic groups living here. The village belonged first to the Cistercian Monastery from Cârța, then to the Tălmaciu domain in 1427 and finally to Sighișoara, in 1863.

The Fortified Evangelical Church owns two historical monuments located on the territory of the village of Meșendorf: the Evangelical Church and the fortified enclosure with two towers and a zwinger.

The first restoration works took place in the 19th century, when elements in danger of collapse were demolished, including one of the three defense towers.

The church has three bells, the oldest having the inscription 1515, the others being added in 1907 and 1923.

  • Eat at Meșendorf Cheese at number 65. * Advance booking required.
  • Stay at Meșendorf Gasthaus, a Saxon spirit guesthouse with a beautiful green courtyard.
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