Atra Doftana

Time to rewind

Two hours from the big cities like Bucharest or Brașov, on the shore of Paltinu lake, we discovered a place to wander and get lost: ATRA, a boutique hotel offering a fine gourmet experience and an amazing view over the lake.

A place with the spirit of simple and old life still alive

Doftana Valley (Valea Doftanei), one of the most important ethnographic areas of Prahova county, still keeps the spirit of simple life alive: houses built in the 19th century, traditional clothes, decorations and customs, cattle and sheep breeding, wood processing, weaving and embroidery as main activities.Built in steps, in Scandinavian style, Atra Doftana impresses you both with the design and the view, each room having a balcony facing the lake. You find here 9 beautiful rooms and the new wonderful modern Vila Uno, with a capacity of 8 persons, 5 minutes away from the main building of Atra. Find time to spend also on the summer terrace or the open air lounge, on the sunbeds, and hammocks during the warm season.

What to do

Start your morning on the terrace in wild nature and sun with coffee or tea

Pull the curtains and the sun will spoil you with its rays from the first hour. Open the window to let the fresh air in. Enjoy the stillness of the morning on the terrace, with coffee or tea. Do not mind about time, here it seems to stop in place. The touch of the wind, the sound of trees and the flow of waters are the only signs of a life and a nature in motion, happening right now.

Our advice is to spend as much time outside, the clean air and the beautiful sound of the water gathering in the dam, will relax you and also prepare you for the best sleep in months.

What to eat

Fine gourmet based on carefully selected local ingredients

The restaurant is created as a fine gourmet, a la carte, based on carefully selected local ingredients. Each dish that comes from the chef’s hands is carefully prepared, everything providing a great dining experience. The menu changes 4 times per year, and on weekend evenings you have the chance to have a dinner with tasting menu.

A well selected wine, preferably Romanian, will make the satisfaction complete. The fireplace burning in the middle of the restaurant will make the dining time even more pleasant.

Where to go

Here the natural environment is dominated by wild untouched forests, alpine pastures and rare plants. You can use bicycles to explore the Doftana Valley, experience mountain hiking, visit the sheep farms in the area and taste the traditional food here – bulz, polenta & local cheese – or discover Lake Paltinu with a kayak, a beautiful experience for mind & body.

Close to Atra Doftana you can also find Cheile Doftanei, Baiului and Grohotiș Mountains, Băile Telega, Trăisteni Archaeological Site, the limestone quarry or Cheile Urlățelului and the museums: Brebu Museum and Iulia Hașdeu Castle from Câmpina.We recommend you to spend one weekend in Atra every season, as every experience here is unique and beautiful, in a strong connection with the nature around.

There is a certain peace and a light feeling when visiting this place. Just like when you leave behind the noisy cities, life as you know it every day and you get lost, enter another time and space, where every breathe you take is clean and deep, the wild nature reveals in front of your eyes and you finally find time for yourself: to rethink or not to think at all.

Now is time to rewind.Atra Doftana, Valea Doftanei, Teșila village, Fundătura Cerbului 780B, Prahova county

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  • mornings on the terrace
  • the privacy
  • the modern elements so beautifully mixed with the traditional roots
  • the Swedish design
  • the centered fireplace
  • the sunsets over the lake
  • Doftana Valley was first mentioned as populated 500 years ago and it includes over 2000 old households;
  • Doftana Valley was named in the past Teșila;
  • The main activity of the locals, shepherding, is still preserved, the area being a place of gathering the sheep on their way of transhumance;
  • A walk through Teșila or Trăisteni villages is a chance to meet the traditional Romanian past;
  • Here, in the region with the most sunny days of the year, the average annual temperature is + 10C.


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