Casa Filip Sarichioi

Some houses, places, families are like pieces of heaven. Of grace, peace, light, gratitude. A traditional house reborn even more beautiful on a forgotten alley, the laughter and hospitality of the host reminding us once again why we are connected to these lands, the families returning from the church on Sunday, each wearing the inherited traditional clothes, multiculturalism, in humans, feelings, habits.

We stopped on our trip in North Dobrogea, in a corner of the village that made us feel all this. In Sarichioi, very close to Razim Lake, we were carried away in a story of a fascinating Lipovan blue. At Casa Filip, an old restored Lipovan household, born a century ago, in 1921, we discovered small pieces of the world: a distant childhood, with traditions, joy, sun and thousands of colors, passionate and determined hosts that want to change the face of traveling inside this part of the country, a beautiful, complete family, which radiates every time it speaks about tradition, faith, Romania and Sarichioi. We found ourselves too, melancholic, on the blue terrace of the house, lost in one of the most beautiful sunsets. And so much quiet.

The house from Sarichioi has preserved the most beautiful testimonies of the time

The old house from Sarichioi has somehow preserved the most beautiful testimonies of the time: the Lipovan vivid style, the old restored walls, the natural paint, the wooden windows and doors, the blue of the world here, the terrace and the natural roof. In the New House, the smell of breakfast wakes us up every morning. Here we find ourselves lazy on the lenjanka, a stove built to sit on, especially on cold days. The surprise of the property is the tower, a good place for coffee in the morning or a good wine at noon, with a beautiful view of Razim Lake , the ruins of Enisala Fortress and the towers of the Lipovan churches.

Casa Filip is actually the story of Alex and Alina, two young persons who created their most beautiful image here. Alina grew up in Sarichioi and Alex was born in Piatra Neamț, meeting each other in Bucharest. However, beautiful Dobrogea, its mountains, river, sea and delta, determined them to stay in Sarichioi. A beautiful family and also a community are growing next to them, this area of ​​the country being rich in the culture of Lipovan Russians.

Casa Filip is for us the image of the perfect blue, rebirth, values, family, hospitality, but also a wonderful piece of local culture and Danube Delta. So do not miss the early boat trips on the most beautiful canals of the Danube and enjoy this part of the world with its people, water lilies, egrets and pelicans.

  • the blue of the property
  • the beautiful family here
  • the architectural and design details
  • the sunny morning in the garden
  • the fish soup
  • the outdoor kitchen
  • The first house was built here was between 1860 and 1870; The 1000 sq m were bought in 1921 by Paulov Mihei and Petrov Evdochia, a couple of Lipovan Russians from the village;
  • In 1977 the house was modernized by the three boys of the family; It was later inherited, and in February 2018 it became the property of Filip family;
  • The reason why the family chose to restore the old house was the preservation of the Lipovan architectural style; Also in the yard there is a terrace built in order to organize events to promote the cultural heritage of Lipovan Russians;
  • Lipovans are an ethnic group of Russian origin that lives mainly in Tulcea County, but also in Bugeac area in Odessa region, Ukraine and Bulgaria; Small groups of Lipovans live also in Moldova, Bucovina and in the counties of Brăila, Constanța and Ialomița;
  • Known as Lipovans (filipoveni, from Filip Pustoviat, one of the leaders) they kept their language, customs and faith.


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