Casa Savri

A moment in time

Imagine an old citadel, the last one inhabited in Europe, full of magic, ancient roads, buildings and doors, history, past and beauty floating everywhere.

This is our feeling every time we arrive in Sighișoara, one of the places close to our hearts as there is such a wonderful potential here, stories to be told, knowledge to be shared between generations, beauty to be appreciated.

Right in the middle of the city and at the bottom of the beautiful citadel is our favorite location in this area: Casa Savri. You will fall in love.

Casa Savri, as Sighișoara itself, has a story; a family one, written by generations. And what can be more beautiful than this?To better understand, the house is a beautiful historical monument, the oldest building dated in the city (1568) inherited by the young owners from their parents and the generations before them. They chose to give a new life and purpose to this amazing building, with its own inner yard, as they transformed it into a beautiful guesthouse, full of vintage objects and furniture that look perfect together.

For accommodation you can choose between eight beautiful rooms. We got accommodated in Rozalia and Hilda and we try to stay in a different one every time. Drink your morning coffee on the inner terrace, admire the old objects, breathe the fresh air, watch the day light coming and leaving on the facade of the beautiful Clock Tower (Turnul cu Ceas), that you can observe from Savri House.

What to do

Inside Casa Savri you will have plenty of time to rewind, relax and get lost for a while between moments. As for us this guesthouse is like a beautiful old door towards different world and times, we find ourselves every time in a story here. The inner yard is our favorite place to spend time, an area full of objects, family and world history, flowers and traditional colors. Follow the stairs that start from the inside yard until you reach the famous Tower Clock in the citadel.

What to eat

At Casa Savri they serve only breakfast, which is very good and complete. For lunch and dinner you must try other places outside the guesthouse. We recommend Gasthaus Alte Post Restaurant where we had amazing Romanian appetizers like eggplant salad or zacuscă, mushroom stew and delicious papanași, our loved creamy dessert.

Where to go

Sighișoara citadel is for sure a great place to be, visit and enjoy in all kinds of seasons. See The City Market (Piața Cetății), in the past the place where the processes were judged and the trade was made. Climbing the School Street (Strada Școlii) towards the covered Staircase of Students (Scara Studenților) and you can also stop in the souvenir shops.

The Clock Tower, 64 meters high, dating from the 14th century, must be seen. The view from the tower is very beautiful! See also The Tower of Blacksmiths (Turnul Fierarilor) built in 1631 and visit The Medieval Festival of Sighișoara, taking place every year at the end of July, bringing together medieval music groups, folk artists and craftsmen, animation groups and theater.Savri House means to us the passion for traditions, history, family and the old values. ”Somewhere on the border between the centuries, where history has left its mark, in the heart of charming Transylvania, exactly at the base of the bohemian fortress of Sighișoara, Casa Savri is a corner of sunset and legend, waiting for you to break its threshold.”

Find the beauty.Casa Savri, Morii Street 17, Sighișoara, Mureș County

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  • the inner yard
  • the colorful house
  • the passionate owners

  • the old objects
  • the good breakfast
  • the story behind generations

  • The first owners of the house had imprinted the M and J letters on the facade, next to some shoe soles, symbol of the owner’s job: shoemaker;
  • The process of restoration of the guesthouse is similar to the style of a museum; Today guests can admire here objects collected over the years and an impressive collection of craftsmen’s work tools from different periods of time;
  • The furniture is made of solid wood, reconditioned at the highest standards, the whole restoration process taking place over a period of seven years;
  • Casa Savri is located on Uliţa Morii (Muhlgasse) which was the narrowest part of the European road;
  • Casa Savri is a Class A historical monument building (of national interest) which is an integral part of the World Heritage Site (UNESCO).


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