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It’s time to reconnect

There are people brave enough to save inheritance from destruction, just for recreating the story.

350 years of history, 20 unique rooms, a gourmet twist, a cellarium slow down spa

Daniel Castle, in Tălișoara, Covasna county,  is one of a kind place, having a beautiful, similar story. With 350 years of history, 20 unique rooms, a gourmet twist, and a cellarium slow down spa, it has all you need for an amazing weekend & a break.

Here the owners are very involved and you will feel yourself most welcome. They adapt and learn quickly and we salute this willingness and passion.

The mixture of very old and the new kind of luxury and comfort

The rooms of Daniel Castle are wonderful and wide, a mixture of very old and the new kind of luxury and comfort. Constantinople Room, for example, is a must stay for history enthusiasts. Its walls are richly decorated with 17th century wall paintings, one of them also inspiring its name. If you love fireplaces, we warmly recommend the Castle Gate Room, where you can almost see the old gatekeeper getting warm by the fire. The Swan Suite has also an unique beauty. Enjoy a noble sleep in the king size baldaquin bed and sip a glass of a fine drink while sitting by the fireplace.

What to do

For sure you must try the cellar (cellarium) slow down spa, used in the past for the storage of different valuables. Today it is a oasis of tranquility, purification and regeneration. There are different types of water and temperature inside, traditional remedies, relaxing spa facilities.

What to eat

Finest traditional recipes from Transylvania

The food here is great as the Castle’s cuisine relies on the finest traditional recipes from Transylvania, prepared according to the standards of modern gastronomy. They will offer you a three course selection. Try the traditional goulash, the túrós puliszka, a delicious creamy reinterpretation of a traditional shephard’s dish, or the lettuce soup that involves five hours of attention to transform a simple meal into a fine dish.

The wine selection has beautiful authentic Romanian varieties, as well as surprising elements from Hungary.

Where to go

Here you can choose many kinds of tours and activities, in order to find out
more about the region and its untouched beauty, for example The Traditional Crafts Day, meeting a traditional blacksmith and find out his story, adventures in Vargyas Gorge, off-road trips, rent a bike or horse riding. Also visit Museum of Transylvanian Life, Daniel Castle from Vârghiș and The Fortified Church from Aita Mare.

A must is visiting Daniel Castle from Vârghiș, the official Daniel Castle back in the days, today in ruin. Besides the sad story of the place, imagine its beautiful bright days, its different architectural styles and its amazing, green, wide park, surrounded by grandiose trees. We really hope and believe that one day the castle will become again what it should have been for centuries.Walk around the villages, see the old houses, castles and churches. Who knows? Maybe one day you will buy a property here and create your own rebirth story.Castle Hotel Daniel, Tălișoara 215, Covasna County

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  • the story behind the place
  • the new food menu (reinterpreted and varied)
  • the rooms with fireplaces
  • the old castle gate
  • Sankt Georgius palinca
  • the smell of burnt wood from the village
  • Daniel Castle was built during late Renaissance by Daniel family from Vârghiș;
  • The real Daniel Castle, the main residence of Daniel family, is in Vârghiș, a village near Tălișoara; It can be visited but it is in state of ruin, being now the property of Esztergom City Council of Hungary;
  • Daniel Castle from Tălișoara needed more than five years for restoration and renovation after the new owners purchased it from two families from the village;


  • We were fascinated by the Castle Gate Room, the real castle’s former gate room, where horse carriages were used to enter the domain; Back in the past the castle gatekeeper was sitting by the fireplace we enjoy nowadays;
  • The Constantinople Room is also special for its 17th century wall paintings – tribute to the Ottoman Empire from the Principality of Transylvania; In the background we see the towers of Constantinople and in the front the ambassador (supposedly count Daniel).


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