Cincsor. Transilvania. Case de Oaspeti

Your childhood street

Your childhood street. The voices. Those nice people who always offer help. The fresh air. The old school. The houses you remember somehow. The memories. The smell of burnt wood. That smell of autumn. The nicest weather. Never too much of anything. Those cozy happy days. And all the colors you love.

This is the feeling we had, visiting Cincșor Guesthouses, in amazing Transylvania – prepare for the beauty of details, delicious food, an amazing library, cozy rooms and the most beautiful view of a Fortified Church (first officially mentioned in 1421!) that you can have while reading a book you enjoy.

Transylvanian beauty. Culture. Saxon traditions

Cincșor Guesthouses mean Transylvanian beauty, culture and Saxon traditions. Placed in Cincșor village, in Brașov county, not very far from Brașov city, The Former Evangelical School, The Former Parish House and The Peasants House offer nowadays accommodation and a wonderful experience for all.

So these beautiful guesthouses have history, stories to tell and more than this, they passed through an adventurous restoration in order to show again their beauty today.

What to do

Places receiving a new life

The best thing to do here is to stay inside and enjoy the lovely guesthouses, the beautiful library, or breathing the clean air outside, in the garden.

The Former Evangelical School is now the main guesthouse. It was found abandoned, after this receiving a new life. Today is simply beautiful, with large spaces, traditional colors, a big magical library (the symbol and center of Cincșor Guesthouses, we believe) a dining hall, a kitchen and recreation spaces with authentic furniture. Here you can find 4 rooms to stay.

The Former Evangelical Parish House is the oldest private building in Cincșor, considered ”the spiritual center of the community”. It was built before 1600, having one room and being extended nowadays. Today it has a beautiful and special architecture, large rooms and Transylvanian Renaissance frescoes discovered upon restoration. Here you can choose between 5 rooms, all amazingly beautiful, simple, still special and cozy.

Large rooms. Magic. Details and the home feeling

The Peasants House is located across the main building, the Former Saxon School and it has also been restored. The beautiful house offers three large rooms, each on two levels, rustic and modern in the same time. We fell in love with one of these rooms, charmed by its magic and details, also by that home feeling that it gives you. For us the traditional elements, the nice colors, the wood, the window walls and the bedroom placed upstairs made the stay pleasant and sweet.

What to eat

We recommend eating here! The food served is absolutely delicious, traditional and reinterpreted, serving all tastes and types of diets, including gluten-free and vegetarian which can be difficult at the countryside, so one extra point for Cincșor Guesthouses!

We need to mention that the menu is fixed, made and prepared very carefully before. It’s hard to talk about a dish we liked the most as everything is tasty and different every time. But He had amazing good cooked meat and She had the best apple and pear tart! 🙂

Where to go

For sure we recommend visiting the beautiful Fortified Church, today restored and cared for by an old lady that will tell you stories, the joys and sorrows of the area. Then, simply having a walk in the village can bring all your childhood memories back, if you were born and raised in this kind of places. You can also visit Brașov city, which is 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Cincșor. But for sure, staying just in the village for some days is more recommended, beautiful and magical.

In the surroundings we recommend you to see the Cistercian Abbey of Cârța, in the Middle Ages a monastic settlement with a major role in the political, economic and cultural history of Transylvania, the Fortified Church of Cincu and the atypical Castle of Clay (Castelul de Lut) in the magical Valley of Fairies (Valea Zânelor).Cincsor is one of our favorite places to hide, to take a pause inside, to go back again to those times when we were running on the streets of our childhood. When there was peace and joy and magic and laughter, all in the same time and place. Enjoy!Cincșor. Case de oaspeți, Cincșor, Str. Principală 210, Brașov county

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  • the white library
  • the pear tart
  • the sky at sunset, seen from the window
  • the hosts passionate about culture and community
  • visiting Cincșor Fortified Church every time
  • being first at breakfast
  • The Former School and Evangelical Parish of Cincșor, together with the Fortified Church form a historical ensemble typical for the Saxon villages in Transylvania;
  • The Evangelical School of Cincșor was built in 1910 by Fritz Balthes, a brilliant Transylvanian architect and has Art Nouveau influences;

The host of Cincșor guesthouses, Mrs. Carmen Schuster, is born in the village and she returned here to restore and transform the old houses into guesthouses.

  • Her husband of German origin is the best guide in the area, very involved in Cincșor and Kultur’s projects. More than this, he speaks Romanian adorably;
  • The Kultur Project Association also deals with the restoration of the Fortified Church in Cincșor and is constantly involved in educational and development projects in the local community;
  • In Cincșor there are only 6 people of Saxon origin attending the ceremonies held in the Fortified Church (2020).


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