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The beauty of simple things

Every time we want to take a break from the noisy city life, we think about visiting a traditional guesthouse. That’s because we feel that only in the small, distant villages, far away from the familiar and known, we managed to find ourselves in stillness, peace and in the simple life we sometimes all need.

This is how we spent one November weekend in a little Saxon village we knew before from our trips in Transylvania, but never stayed in: Cloașterf, a small old village between Brașov and Sighișoara, in Mureș county.After wandering for a while on the streets of the village, watching a world that time forgot, we arrived at the door of Cloașterf Haus. The first thing we saw here was an extremely happy dog welcoming us. It was like he had been waiting for us for a while.

The little cozy guesthouse is a typical one, full of stories and beautiful people as hosts, with simple and nice bedrooms, local amazing food and a large green yard where kids are running and animals are playing.

Cloașterf Haus is a beautiful family business born from the desire to offer something authentic to all the travelers but also from an old passion for the countryside, the Saxon lands and nature.

”At Cloașterf Haus we are waiting for you to slow down, to forget about always being in a hurry – in a very nice place, with delicious food, friendly chat, everything at a slow pace…”, they say.

Here you can find three double rooms and two triple ones for accommodation, in a very nice traditional house, rebuilt with the help and advice of an architect, with manually painted furniture, old objects and near the rooms, a small kitchen and a place for dining.

What to do

Cloașterf is situated in a protected natural area, Hârtibaciului-Târnava Mare Plateau. Here you can enjoy walking or cycling trips, you can see plants and rare animals, simply reconnect to the normal pace of life.

Inside Cloașterf Haus enjoy a cup of tea, read something relaxing, enjoy the green beautiful yard, stay in the sun, play with their friendly and loving dog, listen to the nice lady host who will tell you all the stories of this place.

What to eat

Food at Cloașterf Haus is traditional, simple and tasty, as you can find in all the Saxon guesthouses, using local and fresh ingredients, many of them from their own garden.

If you plan to eat here which is what we recommend, you just have to announce it before arriving, in order to give them time to prepare the best they have for you. We had some nice traditional dishes, including soups, oven meat but also vegetarian options, fresh vegetables and delicious pancakes with local jams for dessert.

Where to go

In Cloașterf you can see The Fortified Evangelical Church, built in the 16th century, on the site of an older Romanesque basilica. The church is on the list of historical monuments 2010. 30 km distance from Cloașterf you also have the option to visit Sighișoara citadel and in the neighbourhood famous Viscri village and Rupea citadel, one of the oldest archaeological artefacts in Romania.

We spent a beautiful weekend at Cloașterf Haus, comforted with the idea that there are still people coming back to villages, following their passions or desires, sharing the amazing things they create with others, not keeping the beauty and the essential only for themselves.

Cloașterf Haus gave us the feeling of being so content with the simple way of living and seeing things, which very often are linked to each other. The green nature, the coffee in the morning in a Saxon silent village, the simple food, the words we speak, the fresh air filling our lungs and hearts.It was such an experience!Cloașterf Haus, Cloașterf village 84, Saschiz, Mureș County

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  • the lady host
  • the green inside yard
  • the happy dog
  • the workshop built behind the house
  • the little dining room
  • the hand painted furniture
  • The small settlement in eastern Transylvania, Cloașterf, is the origin of many legends; Near the village are the ruins of a castle known for the locals as the “Castle of the Monkeys”; It is said that a treasure of great value would be hidden behind an invisible iron door on the hill of the castle; From time to time the door appears from nowhere, but it can only be unlocked with mătrăgună, a magic plant;
  • After the old Gothic church was destroyed, the reconstruction of Cloașterf Fortified Church lasted between 1521 and 1524;
  • Saschiz, the village that also includes Cloașterf, is a very appreciated location for its cultural and sports events, bike trails, culinary fairs and guesthouses;
  • Cloașterf Haus is a pet friendly guesthouse, so you can come with your pets here;
  • Check also Bike Check Inn Guesthouse, in Bunești, a place owned by the same family.


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