Conacul Archia

The family behind the feeling

Today our testimonial is about courage, story and the people behind it. It all started at Conacul Archia with an idea, then turned into an authentic story: the opportunity to buy a property, the idea of building a family home away from the city, finally giving birth to a beautiful boutique hotel, now the main accommodation option in the area.

We are coming to Archia often and the feeling is more and more beautiful every time. The secluded place in Deva has it all, well worth a visit all year round.

The old beautiful furniture, the signature of Conacul Archia

The first detail we love about Archia is the design of the rooms. You won`t find two identical rooms, each one having its own theme and personality. The old furniture offers authenticity, carries history and tells countless stories.

A place for all seasons

What to do

Definitely this is a place for all the seasons. Summer is great as the beautiful pool is inviting you for a swim, spring and autumn are perfect for horse riding or a walk around the property, winter has a particular magic if you watch it from inside while tasting a Romanian red wine.

Good quality ingredients with a gourmet touch

What to eat

At Archia there is an à la carte menu and you will find plenty of options, from traditional to international cuisine dishes. All well cooked, with good quality ingredients and a gourmet touch. Try the duck leg, the beef and the soup of the day.

Where to go

There are some mandatory touristic objectives any visitor should reach when coming here. The closest one is Deva Citadel, that is still in a EU funds refurbishment project but it can be visited. You must go there especially for the panoramic view over Deva city. Next one is Castelul Corvinilor, a castle from the 15th century, with a beautiful design and a spectacular bridge that takes you towards the entrance. It is located in Hunedoara city, at around 20 km drive from Conacul Archia. Something not to miss is Sarmisegetusa Regia, the capital and the most important military, religious and political center of Dacia before being conquered by the Romans. It is probably the place that is best related to our origin.So, regardless of the purpose of your trip, Archia is the place where you can stop every time with love and pleasure: the familiar feeling of belonging, comfort, fresh air, good food, simple experiences, style and history, all in one place and time.Conacul Archia, Archia village 92, Hunedoara County

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  • the family behind
  • the home feeling
  • the beautiful old furniture
  • chatting with the family
  • choosing every time a different room
  • the sunset on the terrace
  • The story of Conacul Archia starts in 1994, when the owners bought an old and abandoned building, once a state enterprise from socialist Romania; The beautiful location was open in 2008, in this period adding and building on the domain something new every year;
  • Each room name is inspired by an area of the mansion: Poppies Room, Lavender Room, Horse, Riding or Forest Room;
  • Archia comes from the name of the village; There are many mansions in Hunedoara County, unfortunately abandoned and neglected;
  • Parts of the old furniture and some interior decorations are brought from locals who didn’t use them anymore;
  • Tradition Room is dedicated to the grandmother as the traditional blouse from the wall is hers; The grandfather was the inspiration in creating Transylvania Room, an essence of the Transylvanian traditions.


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