Conacul Molnos

Places are definitely the result of people, thoughts, habits, shared passions. What we always find beautiful and fascinating in traditional travel is the perfect mix between history, tradition, context and personal imprint: of the hosts or community. These people are actually the ones who inspire and create the places where we discover every time so many stories. They also shape them, help them grow and offer a certain emotion. Places would be nothing without their people.

In beautiful Corund of Harghita County, a land so diverse and painted in dozens of colors and motifs, this feeling overwhelmed us, as we became aware of this finding. Once here, in the most loved place of the area, we understood how people are sometimes blessings.

What really impressed us here? Well, the perfection of details, the spring put in order in every corner of the yard, the simplicity of the place, the authentic accents, the signs and symbols of this culture. Molnoș Mansion, 100 years old, was, at different times, a house, pottery factory, school, nationalized by the communists, ruin, recovered by the owners, then restored in 2010, today a creator of experiences. The current owner saved the beautiful building and we also found out that he studied here as a child. Returning.

What impressed us even more at Molnoș was the fact that, in addition to the details, the authentic colors and the spirit of the place encountered everywhere, the host created this little oasis according to his own vision, passion, personal story. Therefore, no architects, designers or specialists in the field were involved in the realization of the project.

A wonderful collection of old objects in the living room of the mansion, including a fascinating functional gramophone, ceramic pieces of Corund, specific to the area, which create the walls of the mansion, rooms like stories, with old furniture, romantic bathtubs, small details wherever you look or touch the room, warm lights, milk chocolate on every bedside table. We declared ourselves in love.

Also at the mansion you can see a small exhibition of ceramics made by the locals, the pieces being for sale. There is also a beautiful sauna and bar in the green courtyard and on the terrace of the mansion there are endless hills and landscapes.

Conacul Molnoș is by far that kind of place. People offer meaning, beginning and story to lands. Beyond everything we experience every day while traveling, we are deeply impressed by every example of good practices, involvement, effort, investment of the soul, good thoughts, beautiful gestures.

  • The details of the place
  • The design of the rooms
  • The story of rebirth
  • The fire in the stove of the room
  • The perfect green grass in the yard
  • The salty water tub
  • Corund is known as a center of pottery; The specific ceramic pieces have floral and zoomorphic designs, in different colors: white, brown, blue or multicolored;
  • Archaeological excavations made here have proven the existence of man in this area since ancient times; Prehistoric gold objects, silver coins from Augustus and Nero were discovered;
  • The most interesting points to observe in Corund are the pottery workshops and the permanent exhibitions;
  • The local economy here is based on pottery, wood processing, production of wool, agro tourism, agriculture, animals;
  • In the basement of Corund salt can be found; The locals use the salt extracted in the household.


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