Conacul Torzburg

People create moments, not things

Moments matter in life. This is how our story, but also the one of the hosts, begin at Conacul Törzburg. In that Bran, still full of charm. For us, meeting Raluca and Mustafa, the hosts, has such a beautiful meaning. The moment was unexpected, like all the other meaningful encounters. That joy that comes to us from the simple life. For them, the moment that really mattered was meeting this place, for which they began to write a story together.

” Törzburg Mansion has something that comes from our childhood.”

“Looking back, we now understand that Törzburg Mansion is something that comes from our childhood. We both had a childhood full of joy, play, freedom. This is where the joy of cherishing the moments probably came from. (…) We had this dream for a long time, to build a place of perfect experiences, according to our belief and imagination. This dream came to life in 2017 when we returned to Bran, starting the story of Conacul Törzburg. ”

Conacul Törzburg, the complete experience in Bran

It certainly wasn’t easy for them. Törzburg Mansion was built for a year, from an old mansion in Bran, understanding once again that “it’s harder to rebuild than to build from scratch”, but even more beautiful, we would add. “We fought for every detail, for those that the guest sees, feels, hears or does not even imagine. Our goal was to build the complete experience in Bran. (…) The perfect setting to experience long lasting joy. ”

The story of Törzburg Mansion is, as our hosts strongly believe, about freedom, about the dream coming true, about the joy of the moment.


We were very happy to be able to discover another special place in Bran, somehow in the most popular place, but at the same time secluded and quiet – at the foot of Bran Castle. Castle that looks great, both during the day and at night from the window of our room.

Conacul Törzburg has been rebuilt in detail, being today so welcoming, simply arranged, organized, chill and pleasant, reminding us a little of the lightness and simplicity of the Nordic decor. All rooms at the mansion overlook the castle. These were arranged by an interior designer. “We chose the best materials for you to sleep well, not to hear outside noises, to have the right indoor temperature, the right light.” The furniture is both modern and old, refurbished. And each element is carefully chosen to recreate the atmosphere of the mansion.

Hustle outside, quiet inside

The mansion is therefore the perfect place to linger, rest in a comfortable and cool bed, to read a book at the window, looking from time to time at the legendary castle. In our suite, for example, we are captivated by a bright, glazed space, where we nestle in armchairs, admiring everything we can see outside through the generous windows. Hustle outside, but so much quiet inside.


Törzburg Mansion, a new restaurant concept in Bran

Natural ingredients, finesse, local and international dishes, tastes and reinterpretations. This is the gastronomic experience here. The restaurant of Törzburg Mansion is imagined with the same details, which transport you back in time. Everything is in place. Right across Bran Castle you can enjoy a fresh and rich breakfast and at least an interesting and surprising lunch or dinner: local dishes, associated with international recipes, especially Turkish. And everything is combined with a specialty coffee or a cocktail.

At Conacul Törzburg there is a small terrace just across the street from Bran Castle and a larger one behind the property. The view from the small terrace is unique, and the pulse of the place is really felt. The late summer nights have a special charm at Törzburg, through the bohemian air, the mysterious atmosphere, the simple details.


Surely you arrived in famous Bran before and you have seen or lived the experiences that the place or area can offer. Definitely worth mentioning are: Bran Castle, the authentic villages Măgura, Peştera, Șirnea, Râșnov Citadel, Brașov, Dâmbovicioara Cave, Valea Cetății Cave from Râșnov and a dear place, which we especially recommend every time, the Bears Reservation from Zărnești.

A different way to do tourism in Romania

“We love our country, we put a lot of soul into what we do and we believe that, through the strategic position we have, we will be able to contribute to the improvement of the country’s tourism brand. Through a different way of doing tourism in Romania. ” This is how our hosts end their story and this is how we feel it too. Beyond simple patterns to follow or statements that remain only at the level of words, at Conacul Törzburg we felt the connection between people and their place, we felt the passion, skill and experience, the living desire and above all, the openness and availability. To talk for an entire evening with the guests, to share experiences, to reveal the secrets of the mansion, to smile sincerely and to change the beautiful Romanian tourism doing something different and much more than this.Conacul Törzburg, Bran Village, Sextil Pușcariu Street 3, Brașov County

  • the generous, impeccable room overlooking the castle
  • the details and atmosphere of the mansion
  • the hosts
  • the history of the place
  • the stillness of the mansion
  • the menu that combines tastes and cultures
  • Bran Castle is called “Törzburg” in German;
  • The history of the Castle began in 1377, as a stone fortress built in the village of Bran; The Teutonic Knights built the fortified wooden settlement, called Bran, to defend Transylvania;
  • Bran Castle was completed in 1388; It had a double role, as a defensive settlement, but also as a customs point;
  • The history of Bran Castle is related to Vlad Ţepeş (ruler of Wallachia); After losing his throne, Iancu de Hunedoara (voivode of Transylvania) supported Vlad Ţepeş to become the ruler of Wallachia, responsible for protecting the strategic road between Wallachia and Transylvania; This is the reason why Vlad Țepeș is connected to Bran Castle and its history;
  • During the first reign, Vlad Ţepeş was an ally of the inhabitants of Transylvania from Bran and Brașov, fighting against the Ottomans; During the Second Reign he conquered the fortress of Bran and killed many Saxons.


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