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Remember the future

Gather in your mind the feelings of all the places where you stopped, with your soul, over time; present or more distant. Meet and enjoy the world through tastes, flavors, details, images and colors. Imagine the place of your new journey. What would it look like? Would it be vast, mysterious, personal, isolated and yet so full of life? Would history and future be at the same window? Would it bring you into the present and still make you discover other worlds?Where will this year, more than ever, take us on the journey? To passionate people, the well done things, to the pioneers who think for the future and recreate the journey of the present, but linked to the past and roots, sustainable and adapted to travelers. We strongly believe that this year the journey takes us to meaning, awareness and good taste.

Openness, innovation, personal imprint

That’s how we discovered Das Fort Boutique, a place that would fit any time. However, the experience lived here is as current as possible and even takes us to a world we imagine in the future: one that celebrates openness, innovation and personal imprint.Das Fort Boutique hides at number 1, behind an old gate in Râșnov, beautifully refurbished but after which you would not have thought that a universe is opening. The impeccably paved alley takes you to three houses with history, reborn in their most beautiful form: original brick and beams, windows wide open to the world, wood subtly mixed with modern materials and details. We are attracted by the details from the beginning, the beautiful location of the place right at the base of the fortress, the trees that protect it and close to us, the wooden shed under which at a table, by the fire, stories are told.

Wonderful ensemble of reborn houses

Das Fort Boutique is a wonderful ensemble of reborn houses, transformed with style, knowledge and good taste into guesthouses, with an impeccable gourmet restaurant and carefully arranged relaxation areas, that kind of place that surprises us and fills the soul with warm joy, of the certainty that yes, it is possible, we have a lot to offer. Moreover, Das Fort is clear proof that a place and not only, can be a ruin today, but tomorrow it can become a real sanctuary.

What to do

Impeccable details combined with history and multiculturalism

Time at Das Fort is compressed and at the same time is a part of you, depending on your energy and desire to understand the story here. It is clearly a space of contemplation and settled living, but you will be surprised by the dynamism, the good energy, the active life. In the courtyard we enjoy the fresh air, a glass of wine by the fire, admire the architectural details. Our attention is drawn to the gorgeous, authentic and old colored carpet, placed under the table outside. We find out that it is a piece of tradition recovered, found by chance and saved. In addition to the impeccable things and details, the place carries the imprint of history, multiculturalism, of the old meaning that is not lost.

The rooms take you further in the story of the place.

We notice that each object and piece of furniture has a certain line, note, style and signature. Through the tall windows, Das Fort courtyard reveals every corner. There is a fresh and good air on the terrace, everything can be contemplated from here. The star of the room is the William Holland bathtub, a wonderful piece in which you can let your worries, fatigue, pressure pass quietly. The bedroom is upstairs, from where on the small windows on the roof we admire the first serious snow of the year: big flakes, a white dream, Râșnov full of winter beauty.

There is a common area at Das Fort, as well as a place to serve the breakfast. The same special architectural and design details, the imprint of the hosts, the elegant, subtle, current style, but marked from time to time by an image of the beautiful past: paintings with traditional Romanian blouses, wood, old objects, a fork, a craft table.

What to eat

A perfect culinary experience, amazing services, good taste

A gourmet menu, impeccable service, attention, love for details, perfect dishes. We were deeply inspired and enjoyed the culinary experience at Das Fort. Proof that there is a place that beautifully combines so many things, each at a high level. Just a few hours from Bucharest, but in a mountain area, perhaps linked to different standards and practices, this place becomes an oasis of good taste and premium services. The warm light, the fresh flowers, each glass that tells a story, the carefully chosen chairs, the beautifully painted original ceiling, revealed after a lot of work and layers of paint. Definitely worth trying and enjoying gnocchi, duck breast, tuna and beef tenderloin. Wonderful, chef!

Where to go

We are exactly at the base of Râșnov Fortress, one of the best preserved in Transylvania. The oldest structures that have survived to this day date from the 14th century. The first documentary mention of Râșnov Fortress was in 1335, its appearance having undergone numerous changes so far. Also worth seeing is the town square, which looks like a historic burg. Then we definitely recommend Bran Castle, about 20 mi Bran Castle nutes away from Das Fort. It remains among the most popular and visited tourist attractions in Romania, still keeping its charm. Always a pleasure and a certain mystery to visit it. Now, in the four floors of the castle, collections of furniture, costumes, weapons and armour are exhibited. You can also visit the Royal Park, the Tea House, the Administrator’s House and the Princess Ileana House.

Fresh air at the windows, a quiet movement, perfect details, returning.

We are glad to understand that this year Romanians are focusing on rediscovering their country; but also on rediscovering themselves. Das Fort makes us understand it; that beyond the country, history, values and evidences, there is us, the people, the travelers, bringing and making our mark on everything we choose to rebuild. A place where both the past, through its living images and the future, through its vision, but also the present lived here and now are going all together. A special culinary experience and also a flawless journey.

We are prepared for so many good and beautiful things as a country. We have people, resources, passion, will and thousands of colors and shapes in which to express ourselves. We believe that Das Fort Boutique is among the pioneers of the niche destinations that combine luxury with the lightness of an authentic Romanian experience.

What das fort means?

We also wondered what das fort means, deeper than we would have guessed from our knowledge in German. Always walking on the path of meaning and symbolism, we found out that the fort is the fortification meant to defend a city, a pass, a strategic line. Nor could it be a more suggestive name for a place that seems to protect us from so many realities and to bring us to the best, steady, deep and significant part of life.

We thank you, Das Fort!Fort Boutique, Ion Luca Caragiale 1, Râșnov, Brașov County

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  • mornings on the terrace
  • the William Holland bathtub
  • the attention to details
  • the gourmet experience
  • the mix of modern and old objects
  • the impeccable services
  • All the old objects exhibited at Das Fort are carefully collected, each with its own story; You will be able to discover dowry boxes, a craft table, forks, household items, a scale, a spindle, old dishes;
  • Das Fort Boutique was reborn in this form in December 2020;
  • Das Fort has been included in Disciples Escoffier International, an association of great international value for all those who are part of the HoReCa industry;
  • Râșnov is located in the center of the country, in the upper part of Ţara Bârsei, at the foot of the Postăvaru massif, close to the Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului;
  • The emblem of the city is represented by the shield with three roses, as one of the names of the citadel that appears in documents is Villa Rosarum.


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