Dealul Verde

Escape from reality

“Before it was a guesthouse, Dealul Verde was a dream: a fairytale land and a land from other worlds.” We do not believe that today’s story can be more accurate than just these words. The thoughts belong to the owners of the hill discovered in Porumbacu, simply torn from reality and redecorated in a green fairytale; Dealul Verde.

“Dealul Verde has stubbornly pursued us.”

“We were both tired of Bucharest, the pace and madness of the city and we were looking for ideas to escape. Contrary to the dreams that disappear from evening to morning, Dealul Verde has stubbornly pursued us and built itself all around, each time in an increasingly articulate form. ”

Dealul Verde – the energy of a place, the atmosphere, the feeling that time is standing, something is floating in the air, everything is used with purpose

A special guesthouse was perhaps the last thing we expected to find in the well-known Porumbacu. We had already seen guesthouses in all their forms, mansions, castles, cottages, tree houses, lovely and ingenious places, each with something beautiful to offer. On this secluded hill, however, we slowly discovered another reality: Dealul Verde. Not only visually we are impressed by the very special design of the stone and earth dwellings, which come out of the green grass as in childhood fairytales. But maybe, even more through the energy of the place, the atmosphere, the feeling that time stands still, something floats in the air, everything is used with purpose. With passion and care for the nature that allows us to live inside it, every day.

40 kilometers from Sibiu, on a hill, at the foot of a forest, under the open sky, in the wild air: Dealul Verde

“Like in a puzzle with emotions and feelings, we breathed with relief: we had just found the right place.” 40 kilometers from Sibiu, on a hill, at the foot of a forest, under the open sky, in the wild air: Dealul Verde.

A unique construction, that makes you think of the small fairytale elfs villages, but which, nearby, proves that offers you everything you could want in your journey. A generous accommodation space, each room with its own details and stories, a view and a small beautiful terrace outside, from where we watch the sunrise in the morning and billions of stars at night. At Dealul Verde the connection with nature is really felt and not only because you live, literally, under a small hill of earth, but also because all the details of the rooms connect you to it. House of the Farmer, Peasant, Craftsman, Carpenter, Artist, Weaver, Blacksmith and The Traditional Chamber. We stopped in the rustic room of the Blacksmith, a space where the chandelier is made of iron, the bedside tables are small chests with metal locks, the sink is “sewn”, hanging from the ceiling with metal links.


Dealul Verde is clean, airy, designed for your basic needs

We are overwhelmed by the beauty of the surrounding nature and at the same time by the simplicity of the place. It’s clean, airy, designed for your basic needs. And we found out, on our own, that they are not so numerous.

From the room we arrive in the lounge and restaurant, a place where we also meet the hosts. A friendly, multifunctional space, where guests can taste special dishes, while also enjoying a real art workshop. We are attracted by the beautiful portraits, which give depth, personality and warmth to the place. So, time to contemplate here.

Dealul Verde, the place with organic design

The design of the place, as we discovered in the rooms, is organic. At Dealul Verde there are no identical walls, linear or geometric. The lines of the space are wavy, the shapes curved, inspired by nature.

The kitchen is open and the hosts work hard between pots, plates, recipes and local products. In the same versatile space, the tables turn into comfortable armchairs, in the stove the wood cracks and outside you can see the terrace, built around the fireplace. Here you can prepare your own skewers on the grill, enjoy a good wine and listen to the story of the place, told with the same love and pleasure every time, by the hosts. People who have already acclimatized to the area, have that lightness of words, gestures and walking, enter effortlessly into the landscape unfolding in front of you. They are bohemian, dreamy, beautiful and curious. Just as we like.

Don’t miss the night sky seen from Dealul Verde

The day spent in the green can end with a warm bath in the traditional tub (ciubăr), from where we counted dozens of traveling Perseids in the night sky. But not before tasting the organic, local menu, prepared slowly and sustainably.


Cans and pickles made by the hosts, homemade jams and real honey with tea or buttered bread in the morning

Simple dishes, but with the taste of passion and love for gastronomy. Local products, unaltered by the environment, cans and pickles made by the hosts, homemade jams and real honey with tea or buttered bread in the morning. All the vegetables prepared by the lady of the house look sensational and the taste is just right, while the gentleman spoiled us with a fresh trout prepared perfectly and simply, for which we asked for a double portion. Everything is “home-made”, so we confidently recommend you to eat here, to try everything that is prepared daily and freshly and to take a break when you taste the food that here seems to feel differenty.


Near Dealul Verde you can do canyoning, pumptrack, horseback riding

During the summer, near Dealul Verde, in Porumbacu de Jos, you can do canyoning on the river, to see the most spectacular canyon in Southern Transylvania. There is also a closed pumptrack circuit or horseback riding can be arranged. There are 20 minutes driving towards the former Cistercian monastery and a 40 minutes towards Bâlea Waterfall, Albota Trout Farm and Sibiu city. For those with an adventurous spirit, there is Aventura Parc Drăguș, 60 minutes away. In fact, Porumbacu de Sus is rich in experiences, images, good hosts and welcoming guesthouses. So you can walk along the houses, visit other accommodation spaces nearby or observe the buffaloes returning in the evening, slowly, to the houses.

Dealul Verde, the simplicity from which we are all made

At Dealul Verde we didn’t feel the time passing and the space seemed to catch all sorts of dimensions. We were very happy to see the bohemian hosts, the non-conformist design, the nature in connection with everything. The good and wild air, the little rooms hidden in the ground, but at the same time with the windows facing the sun, the connection with the sky, wherever you are. Dealul Verde is, indeed, “a fairytale land and a land from other worlds.” It takes you out of your rhythm, it brings you here, to the center of the earth and nature, it heals you, if you give it a chance, it guides you to the simplicity from which we are all made.Dealul Verde, Porumbacu de Sus, Sibiu County

  • the small terrace open to the world
  • the portraits from the lounge of Dealul Verde
  • the design of the place
  • the fresh trout
  • relaxing in the traditional tub
  • discussing with the hosts
  • Along Porumbacu River there is a 3-4 hour canyoning route of jumps, slides and rappelling;
  • At Dealul Verde there is also a diverse menu of pillows: ergonomic pillow, with goose feather, soft/tough synthetic or anti-allergenic;
  • We recommend you to visit the Oberwood and Porumbacu Treehouse guesthouses, in the same locality;
  • The village of Porumbacu de Sus is located at the foot of Negoiu Peak, in Făgăraș Mountains;
  • Porumbacu de Sus still keeps traditions around the important holidays, the villagers live in communion with nature, they cook locally and there is a culture of raising buffaloes and making buffalo milk products.


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