Domeniul Dragasi

The Romanian vineyard

We have something for the lands with vineyards. Maybe it’s the Tuscan landscape that we cannot forget since we fell in love with it, or maybe it’s the beauty, mystery and the all the colors that the sunny green hills have, perhaps it’s the old and romantic part of life that a place like this has to reveal.

No matter the reason why we seek for this kind of places more and more, we found our Tuscan location in beautiful and rich of wonders Romania.

As we are nothing more or less than pilgrims, always traveling and seeking for more beautiful places and experiences, this place caught us resonating with all its emotions, beliefs, ideals and forms. We loved it from the beginning and more than this, we were fascinated by its story, owner and by the different, distant air you breathe there.Domeniul Drăgași is indeed our perfect Tuscan landscape, a vineyard of 7 hectares laying at you feet.

”…like a maze with white, yellow, ruby clues. You remember a story about a pearl hunter who found his soul in a shell. In a place like this, anything is possible. When the sun is too high, you hide in the cellar. Among the oak barrels and huts, in the shade of the stone arches, things are simple and clear, like the sea water above the corals.”

They say that ”a glass of Drăgășani wine calls you home”. The owners retrieved here, in Drăgășani, in Vâlcea County, since 2013, making the special Pelerin (Pilgrim) wine in Drăgași cellar, ”with Olt river undulating on the distance”.

The domain has an amazing position on a beautiful heal above and facing the river. The infinity line has so many nice colors and shapes that we stayed there for hours, just watching the view.

From the vineyard you see the mansion, the Pilgrim’s House, also the place for accommodation. The beautiful and elegant villa goes perfectly with a glass of Cabernet Franc. Find here 5 beautiful rooms and a perfect cozy living room where you can also have a nice breakfast. We really like the old elegant style of the rooms and also the little and fancy kitchenettes where you can prepare your morning tea or coffee.

The mansion can be booked completely. If not, the individual requests will be considered. This place, perfectly rooted in harmony and peace, will make your stay complete. Paired with the proper Pelerin wine, of course.

What to do

At Domeniul Drăgași just find the time to spend your days outside, admiring the breathtaking view that only a vineyard and the lands around it can offer. Enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, taste their nice white, rose and red wines and also visit the cellar and get to know all the process needed in order to make a wine great. They are specialists in this field but also in storytelling and making you appreciate again every piece of beauty that this area has to offer.

What to eat

We had amazing food here, as the quality and refinement of the dishes get so close to what we tried in beautiful Tuscany. Refined starters, very well cooked meat, nice vegetarian options and light but special desserts, always accompanied by their special Pelerin wines: fresh aromas of Pinot Gris, the summery taste of Sauvignon Blanc, the young Cuvée Blanc, our favorite Petit Fumé, the purple red Cabernet Franc, the firm Merlot, the sweet and light Rose and the archaic Ramato.

Where to go

As you find yourself in this little Romanian Tuscany, it is a must to visit and enjoy the other cellars and vineyards in the area: Avincis, Stirbey and Isărescu.

We are more and more fond of these kinds of lands, landscapes and experiences that we finally feel contouring and developing in Romania as well. As we are so blessed with such good soils and perfect weather in this part of the country for the wine making, often being compared with France or Italy, we think that this kind of tourism must be explored and loved in our country too. The great wines, the beautiful properties, mansions, the complete cellars and the enthusiastic and passionate people will make Romania become an excellent destination for wine tourism & more.

We truly had a perfect getaway at Domeniul Drăgași where we found everything just fascinating… We left the place feeling more complete, passionate and hopeful regarding what we have to offer as a nation, in terms of places, experiences and people.

”Nothing moves, everything anticipates the wait. Time is from another time, the lines of the clock are months and years, like the lines of the forehead. If it’s day outside, it’s night here. If there is noise outside, here everything is in a clear silence so you can hear your heart.”Domeniul Drăgași, Dealul Viilor din Prundeni, Drăgășani, Vâlcea County

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  • the image of the horizon
  • the most beautiful sunsets
  • the Petit Fumé 2016 Pelerin wine
  • the landscape with Olt river behind
  • walking through the vineyard
  • grape picking
  • pilgrimis a traveler (literally one who has come from afar). Typically, this is a physical journey (often on foot) to a place of special significance. In the spiritual literature, the concept of pilgrim may refer to the experience of life in the world or to the inner path of the spiritual aspirant from a state of misery to a state of beatitude;
  • Drăgășani is well known for the vineyards on the neighboring hills that produce some of the best Wallachian wines; Since ancient times, the main occupation of the inhabitants has been the cultivation of wines. Through the intense activity carried out to improve production and discover new varieties of wines, Drăgășani vineyard has become one of the most famous vineyards in Romania;
  • Over 60 local and foreign wine varieties were grown in Drăgășani vineyards;
  • Domeniul Drăgași is also organizing corporate, family or private events;
  • ”To taste a perfect pairing, choose a chair facing Olt and imagine an ancient labyrinth. You leave yourself to the will of the guide who takes you through all the shades from white to red. You pass through an acacia forest, a chain of flowers, a velvet-lined room, a storm under a bloody sunset, a parting many years ago that you thought you had forgotten. Where you stop is entirely your decision but remember that the copper rose goes best with the sunset of August.”


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