Hadar Chalet

The Romanian savoir-faire

There are always magic and fairytales inside a forest. And when you find a place like this, be ready for all kinds of wonders.

Our experience into the fairytale world of Hadar started after leaving the modern roads behind us, entering a forest, discovering our way through the woods.

Hadar Chalet property is indeed a wide oasis of green and nature, a whole beautiful flowering park waiting to be seen and discovered. Placed between Buzău and Brașov Counties, in Gura Siriului, 25 km from Întorsura Buzăului, the location can be seen as a beautiful hidden corner, far away from the noisy and modern cities.The isolated chalet dates from 1985, when it was used as a hunting lodge by the communist leaders of the period. In 1998 it became private and after rebuilt, it received in 2013 the award Best Guesthouse Run by a Family in Romania at the Hotel Travel Leisure Gala.

The comfortable luxury

”The success of Hadar and the owners’ wish to continuously improve guest experience motivated the redecoration into a true luxury Chalet, similar to those found in the Alps. Hadar Chalet now welcomes guests who love the quiet of the woods but the comfortable luxury of great accommodation”, say the owners.

Now Hadar Chalet has 12 beautiful & cozy rooms, including the Zen House (a little house placed next to the forest) each of them adding something special to the location, so you can choose your favorite space. We really enjoyed The Penthouse Suite as it has a little fireplace, our favorite thing to have in a room.

Spend time outside, next to the beautiful swimming pool, enjoy the alleys with plants and flowers, the fairytale swings, the tree house, and find the amazing barn full of stories.

What to do

Hadar Chalet is different from other properties in Romania. It is off the grid, 20 minutes away from the first village. You cannot ask for more. Besides breathing the fresh air, taking a walk along the sunny alleys, relaxing, you also have many other facilities: tennis court, outdoor pool for the summer, ping-pong, pool table inside the entertainment room, foosball, children’s play area, book corners.

What to eat

The food here is home made. The products and ingredients used are from their own garden so everything is safe and healthy here. The lunch and dinner menu is fixed but for sure you will find something according to your own taste. There is a mini À La Carte menu only for children. You can try the trout as it comes from their stock farm and also the traditional pies are delicious.

The breakfast is a complete Romanian feast, with many options available.

The dining area is indeed a wide, beautiful space, surrounded by windows and full of light. After the meals you can read a book or drink a tea in the living room, close to the restaurant, on a comfortable chair, next to the fireplace.

Romantic, active or exploring

Where to go

Hadar Chalet offers types of activities for every kind of taste: romantic, active, exploring and of course, for kids. So here you have hiking trails, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, off-road trips with 4 x 4 cars, horse-rides at one of the surrounding farms, or short walks in the area and a picnic with local, fresh foods.

On your way to Hadar, you can also see: The Muddy Volcanoes, Ciolanu Monastery (in Buzău County) or Peleș Castle, Bran Castle, The Hunting Museum, Brașov City, Bison Reservation (Vama Buzăului), Urlătoarele Waterfall (Vama Buzăului), Schimbarea la Față Monastery (all in Brașov and Covasna Counties).

Hadar Chalet, our own kind of mountain chalet and savoir faire

It is indeed a story, being here. We just invite you to discover Hadar Chalet as there are so many things to be seen. To breathe the amazing air that only a forest can provide, to wander, to stay by a campfire, to admire the beauty of every season that can be seen at Hadar Chalet property – our own kind of mountain chalet and savoir-faire.

Hadar Chalet, Gura Siriului, Brașov county

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  • the natural and green environment
  • the flowers everywhere during spring and summer
  • the fresh air
  • the lovely breakfast
  • the guardian dogs
  • the wooden barn
  • In time, after the property was bought by a private investor, Hadar was rebuilt into what it is today, adding something new each year;
  • The wooden barn is now used for beautiful and original private events;
  • The phone signal is not good here so what can be better than a weekend spent without calls or technology?
  • Hadar Chalet measures 60 hectares of forest, at 900 meters altitude;
  • Spend the winter inside, next to the fireplace and summer by the swimming pool, breathing the fresh air; Hadar Chalet is an all season place, so you will find something beautiful here no matter the period.


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