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Endless green hills surrounded with joy, corners of Heaven, the gentle wind, wood and stone, vast forests, the beauty of good conversation, freedom, nice people, time standing still.

Bucovina remains one of the most beautiful parts of Romania, far and yet close to us, the others – those who dream every day of a moment of peace in the warm stillness of the Moldavian land.

A story surrounded by birches

This time we discovered in Fundu Moldovei a story surrounded by birches, finding after a long time the simple joy inside “the pantry with sweets of countless kinds, waiting to be tasted with hot bread and plenty of butter. In the white rooms it smells like lavender in the air, flowers smile in the pot and in the kitchen, feasts are prepared for tired travelers. ”

La Moară Guesthouse greets us beautifully, in wonderful Bucovina, wherever we come from: with fresh air, good wine on the porch, a large yard where the little ones can run freely and where we, the big ones, can find our thoughts, memories and joys.

What to do

Seven rooms and two apartments are prepared here for the guests, keeping the spirit, details, colors, carpets, white bedding and wood of Bucovina in each room.

The green yard, the seasons and the times happening, people working, the bustle of the Holidays, the silence of Sunday

The large porch is beautiful, the house being built in that wonderful architectural style specific to this area; from here you can observe in peace everything that happens in this small corner of Bucovina: the green and wide yard, birds, seasons and times happening, people working, the bustle of the Holidays, the silence of Sunday. Time to sit, take a break on the generous porch, enjoying tea in the morning and a glass of good wine at noon.

In the inner courtyard you can rest in hammocks or wooden swings, as adventure lovers have the possibility to borrow bicycles from the guesthouse in order to discover the surroundings, rich in beauty and nature. The space is ideal for families and children, who fully enjoy the freedom and safety of the area.

What to eat

Any trip to wonderful Bucovina automatically becomes a gastronomic experience. Whether we visit our families, friends, or stop in the backyards of the locals or visit the area as tourists and travelers, every dish becomes a celebration here, no matter how simple. This is because in Bucovina food has soul and life, it is treated, spoken and prepared with passion, longing and pleasure.

At La Moară, a daily menu is prepared based on the local culture, traditions and gastronomic customs of Fundu Moldovei, using local and fresh ingredients. We definitely recommend the traditional soups, the homemade bread, the potatoes with greens, the desserts enriched with the wonderful jams from their own pantry and the homemade drinks: afinată from blueberries, țuică from plums, white wine.

Where to go

You are surrounded by nature, in its most beautiful sense: vast, ancient forests, hills to observe in freedom, species of flowers, plants, animals to discover. Hiking is perhaps not to be missed in the area and we even recommend a route where you can pick mushrooms, with movement, fun and education for children of course, together with a local guide. Rarău Mountain will reveal to you the whole beauty of Bucovina.

For athletes and winter lovers there are also ski slopes in the area, as well as the Lucina horse stud to see, for a few moments of movement and freedom.

We do not forget to mention here the wonderful monasteries from Bucovina, many of them listed in UNESCO World Heritage, among them Voroneț, Moldovița, Sucevița, Putna, Humor, Arbore.

Bucovina is a colorful and vivid painting, still rich in tradition and beauty, sometimes still standing in time

A place for everyone, for the needs, joys, older or newer memories of each traveler. Bucovina is definitely a colorful and vivid picture, still rich in tradition and beauty, sometimes still standing in time. Which gives so much happiness and satisfaction to travelers in search of meaning. Bucovina is an experience worth living and understanding only on the porch, in a house like it used to be, around everything that has remained beautiful in nature, people and traditions.

Discover Bucovina differently, at La Moară. For us it is spirit, color, rosy faces, local culture, habit, story, gastronomic experience and a vast hill or an endless forest on which to run freely.La Moară Guesthouse

Main Street, Fundu Moldovei Commune, Suceava County

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  • the morning spent on the porch
  • the architecture of the house
  • the local pantry
  • the local dishes and drinks
  • the warmth of the guesthouse
  • the inner yard
  • La Moară Guesthouse prepares all year round local products: jams, syrups, preserves that can be purchased and ordered directly from the famous pantry;
  • Bucovina, in German BuchenlandThe Land of the Beeches, became The Duchy of Bucovina in the Austrian Empire;
  • Bucovina acquired a distinct identity from Moldavia being annexed by the Habsburg Monarchy in 1774;
  • After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the National Council of Bucovina, meeting on November 28, 1918, decided by a majority the Union with Romania;
  • Bucovina is known for the monasteries built by former Moldavian rulers and boyars (Mușatinii, Alexandru cel Bun, Ștefan cel Mare, Petru Rareș, Ștefan Tomșa, Alexandru Lăpușneanu, Movilești), each with a specific color: Voroneț (blue), Humor ( red), Sucevița (green), Moldovița (yellow), Arbore (combination of colors).


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