Magnolia Resort

A small chalet in Maramureş

What we encounter on our way, when we reach our destination, is always different. The wonderful hosts, the story of the place, the surprising details, the energy, its history, all find us differently every time. We enjoy meeting people, getting to know them, telling stories, being in the company of those who build beautifully, listening to their stories or enjoying their dishes. But there are times when we fully enjoy loneliness. The moments of pause, silence, simply living. Sometimes we find ourselves again, having enough time in such places, where we are the only ones left. And it’s so good. At Magnolia Resort, in a chalet set in a beautiful orchard, on top of an endless hill, we found the place and the moment to calm down. That place where the road and the fatigue and work sit – in a corner of nature, under the trees, in the most beautiful light of Maramureș.


A large yard, wooden houses, a sunny porch, rest in the hammock, the wild air

In Vişeu de Sus, on the edge of Maramureș Mountains Natural Park, Magnolia is a story: authentic, rural, simple, but with so many colors. Imagine a huge courtyard in which five wooden houses offer the most beautiful experience, the days spent on the sunny porch, cooking in your own kitchen, resting in hammocks, in the wild air. In the chalet rented just for us, we found everything we needed: a rest area, a kitchen, an upstairs bedroom and a small sauna, just good for relaxing at the end of the day. Your own wooden house in Maramureș, lovely sunsets and sunrises, such a peace.


For the wonderful dishes specific to the area, the host of the house is always available and ready to offer all kinds of goodies: vegetable soups, mushroom stew, zucchini for vegetarians and the best pancakes from Bucovina. So there is, in addition to the option of cooking in the kitchen of your own house, the option of serving the meal organized by the welcoming host that we loved from the beginning. We definitely recommend both options: specific dishes, but also the experience of living at home.


After a well-deserved break, exploration can begin here with the most famous sights of the area: Bârsana Monastery, monastic ensemble built of wood, according to local tradition, with a gate, bell tower, church (57 m), summer altar, cells, chapel, house of foremen and artists. Also in the area, The Merry Cemetery from Săpânța is famous for its brightly colored crosses and naive paintings, with scenes from the lives of the buried. And certainly in the warm season the walk with Mocănița is not to be missed in Maramureș. It goes from Vişeu de Sus, on Vaser Valley, to the Carpathians, at Coman station, close to the border with Ukraine.

The wood of Maramureș, the civilization of this part of the country, the nature that seems to have been more generous and inspired here, the deep rest and tranquility that you can discover on a hilltop. And early in the morning, at sunrise, a coffee enjoyed on the porch, in the warm light of each season. With a little luck the cat of the house, Tom, will be ready to climb on your lap and not to leave you all day. A beautiful and lively part of Maramureș.Magnolia Resort, Arşiţa Street 90, Vişeu de Sus, Maramureș County

  • the wooden houses with beautiful architecture
  • the houses on top of the hill
  • the privacy of the place
  • the personal, intimate space
  • cooking in your own guesthouse
  • the surrounding nature
  • Maramureș is one of the largest depressions of the Carpathian chain, with an area of ​​approximately 10,000 km²;
  • The massifs of the area exceed 2,000 m: Pietrosul Rodnei – 2,303 m, Hovârla – 2,061 m;
  • The isolation of Maramureș between the mountains favored its preservation, of the local specificity and of the traditional way of life, of the customs and holidays;
  • In Maramureş there are some of the most representative monuments of wooden architecture in our country, the churches, dating from the 17th and 18th centuries;
  • Churches are also examples of architectural solutions, because they are narrow but high, with flexible and long towers at the western end of the buildings.


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