You will always come back

Some places get directly to our hearts. And we have been thinking why some of them have that special something.

It’s not all the time about the location, the facilities, the food or the environment but more about the feeling, the stories, the part of the past they bring back to present, or the part of yourself these places reveal again to you.

It happened to us too, finding ourselves in such a tranquility, beautiful emotion and serenity that Oberwood, a tiny piece of nature, had to offer.

Than we stop and think that some places create a story, just like a personal mood board, not offering just an experience. And you are there, inside the facts, surrounded by beauty of all kinds, learning something new every day, even if it is just about breathing, being in the now, listening or living again.Before becoming too emotional or poetic, here’s our experience at Oberwood. 🙂 Placed in Porumbacu de Sus, the village where it is said that once drinking their water you will always come back, it really makes sense, as this place from Sibiu County has something special. More than this, is according to us the place with the most beautiful view of Făgăraș mountains.

Oberwood is actually a beautiful green open property where five old traditional houses have been relocated, restored and valued again, being open and ready for all the passionate travelers. The houses teach in their own way a lesson about the past, the values and the order of things that must never be lost.

The wooden houses from the 1800s are beautifully decorated inside with very old collected objects, traditional details and colors, symbols of all kinds and surprisingly, modern elements integrated, going just perfect together.

Each house has its own personality and story and as soon as you find their names, you will connect all the elements and details. The names are actually linked to the most important activities held in the village: The Sun House, representing the energy, life and the human beings, The Friendship House, for harmony, joy and the peace of being together, The Mill House representing all the things that change and the water as the engine of life, The Aries House celebrating the shepherd, the fauna, wildlife richness and the masculine presence and The Flower of Life House, for the nature, flora and all that can be cultivated at the countryside.

Each house has a name symbol inspired from the traditional Romanian clothes.

What to do

Oberwood offers you the perfect green open yard, where you can simply feel the grass under you feet or enjoy the sun on a sun bed. Then contemplate all the beauty around you sitting on the bench under the little wooden pavilion, built inside a very little forest raised on the property. The view of this tiny green ”island” has such a beauty.

Very close to the guesthouses find Porumbacu River, with both clear and whirling waters, depending on the season. But still, here you can enjoy the water course and the sound of the river, laying or observing the local people fishing fresh trout.

What to eat

Oberwood guesthouses do not offer meals. If you are comfortable with the idea, you can take ingredients with you, as they offer the possibility to make your own meals here. There is a little open kitchen in the garden so you can prepare here all you need by your own. But still, we highly recommend you the other possibility you have: to eat at a beautiful local chef who is cooking all the basic but delicious food that your heart wants. We had a very good traditional tomato soup, local cheese and polenta and delicious vegetarian options and sides. Plus chatting with the lady and the family makes your lunch or dinner just perfect. Keep it simple. 🙂

Where to go

Take a walk in the beautiful village, you will find nice traditional houses and tidy gardens. The place is interesting as it remained somehow untouched after all the cultural, historical and ethnical influences that were here back in times. So enjoy chatting with the locals and watch the buffalos coming from the pasture. These are such amazing animals, that we could stay and watch for ages.

If you really want to move around the village, visit Castelul de Lut (The Clay Castle) from Valea Zânelor, a fairytale construction open just for visiting. Close to Porumbacu de Sus see the Cistercian Monastery from Cârța, the most Eastern Cistercian monument built in Europe, Brukenthal Palace from Avrig or take a roadtrip on one of the most beautiful roads in the world, Transfăgărășan.

We are more and more passionate to see the history, the values and the Romanian spirit kept alive. As we should never try to move here anything that doesn’t belong. We stayed close to what really matters during our trip to Oberwood, appreciating once again all the people, owners, hosts or local entrepreneurs, no matter who they are, when building, restoring, saving and giving life again: to lands, houses, villages, communities, to people and in the end to the whole world.

Oberwood is a story about the old life that must never be destroyed, stolen, burnt or forgotten. Breathe, see the beauty, drink that river water and always come back.Oberwood

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  • the morning air
  • the Sun Room
  • the open wide yard
  • the sound of the river
  • the wooden gate
  • the mix of traditional with modern
  • Porumbacu de Sus village is located at the base of Negoiu peak in Făgăraș Mountains;
  • Oberwood belongs to Andreea Esca, loved and famous Romanian TV journalist and news personality;
  • The family owns many traditional old houses in the village as they are involved in restoring them and recreating a new story for each location;
  • The village is still keeping the traditional customs, specific to Porumbacu de Sus, of which the most important ones are those from the winter solstice, but also carolling on Christmas night, organising traditional games by the youth during the winter holidays, initiating boys and girls to traditional dancing, performing various rites and ceremonies linked to nature, related to marriage, the growth of the house, people’s health, beliefs and practices;
  • The cemetery of the Romanian Heroes from the First World War is located at the border of the commune; It was created in the 1920s and has an area of 2,400 square meters.


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