Portal Village

An authentic reset in an inner sanctuary

Somewhere on the border between two worlds, between modern man and nature, we found a new meaning. Portal Village, a refuge inside ourselves, perfectly camouflaged in the beauty of each season, a microuniverse of the forest, the sun and the people. Portal Village, a superb collection of premium bungalows, equipped with everything a traveler needs on his way. A real experience in living nature, warm houses with transparent walls, which cancel the distance between you and the outside.

Portal Village, simple and calm atmosphere, in complementary shades of birch and gray, with white and ocher accents

“An ideal setting for relaxation, meditation, love, inspired conversation and rest. Simple and calm atmosphere, in complementary shades of birch and gray, with white and ocher accents.” It is the image of the natural paradise discovered in Sibiel, Sibiu County, a place where we would linger even longer than our trip is planned.The idea of ​​Portal Village started from the need for an authentic reset, a search that devours, but also saves, in the end, so many people. “To set out in search of the inner sanctuary, as an initiating space for recognition, rebirth, self-reinvention and restoration of meaning.” To build a “refuge village”, as an escape from everything that means personal, social, professional.

Portal Village, a sustainable business and a slow living concept

Portal Village is a sustainable business and at the same time, a wonderful concept of slow living. Beyond that, it is a normal reaction of the hurried and suffocating world in which we live. And that’s exactly how we discovered and felt the place. Like a calm stop, where you can flood your lungs with the best in nature, in the air and in people. Good, meaningful and quiet.


Portal Village is actually an experience, not just a place to rest. There are two types of premium bungalows you can stay in, with full services, including room service, for the ones who want more privacy. Moon bungalows are located in relation with the sky and the earth, on the edge of the forest, in shade and coolness. The Sun bungalows have more light, sun and color, being built to the east and southeast.

A total of eight bungalows quietly await their guests, with minimalist details, wood and light, a simple and clean design, which reminds us of the Nordic decor, sustainable.

Portal Village, rest or exploration

Depending on your state of mind, after a glass of fresh lemonade or after a coffee, rest or exploration wait for you. At Portal Village there is an area of ​​land and air, near the birch, where you will find Vatra terrace, a place to serve good food. Then the fire area, for the evening and stories told among the sparks, maybe even with ad-hoc cooking. The air and aroma area means the fresh air and the garden with medicinal and aromatic plants. And the water area brings you close to the small ponds arranged at the Portal.

The fireplace at Portal Village is “an inspiring Green Work Environment for creative, social & business networking, communication, thematic and charity workshops.” Also here is the Green Library, a relaxing space with comfortable chairs, a fireplace, hot tea and a beautiful collection of carefully selected volumes.

Portal Village, wellbeing at its best

Wellbeing is definitely the word that defines Portal Village: sauna, massage, meditation area, wellness and aromatherapy rituals, organic products and the traditional ciubăr with salty water. All are designed as therapy, as a natural circuit, under the concept of Vortex Spa, connecting with the basic elements of nature: earth, air, fire, water and ether.


Healthy, slow food, organic, nutritious, complex, this is the Portal Village menu. Vatra is also The Green Bistro, a place that gathers traditional and organic ingredients and recipes. The source is their own garden and microfarm, and the suppliers are chosen depending on the food quality certification criteria. The products used come from local producers from the traditional areas of Sibiu County. So traditional, safe and tasty food, prepared every day by a local chef.


A tour to taste the craft beer at the local micro-craft brewery of Sibiu, a concert of sounds and vibration in the forest, mindfulness activities, well-being and guided walks in the area are some of the activities you can do in the surroundings. That is if you do not want to discover the city of Sibiu, rich in all kinds of activities and objectives. But we really recommend you to stay close to nature at Portal Village and recharge with the good energy of the place, secluded for a period from the well-known life.

Slowing down the pace to capture the essential

Portal Village invited us also to slow down, eventually to capture the essential: the tranquility of a place perfectly integrated in nature, the life, habits, food, walking in a slow down rhytm, a feeling for each experience we lived, return in fact to ourselves. Portal Village is in the end an inner journey, lived and felt in an inner time too.Portal Village, Utea Street 73, Sibiel Village, Sibiu County

  • the concept of wellbeing and slow living
  • the forest seen from the bungalow
  • the simple, good, local food
  • the privacy of each bungalow
  • the alley that passes through the Portal
  • the interaction with the hosts
  • The concept of slow food belongs to Carlo Petrini and the group of activists who formed a civic action aimed to defend the regional food traditions in Rome in the 1980s, a reaction to the rules set by the century of speed;
  • People then adopted the word “slow” for several areas of daily life, food, travel, gardening, design, fashion, under the generic slow living;
  • From ancient times people have paid special attention to the rituals of purification, appealing to the basic elements of nature and life: earth, air, fire, water and ether; At Portal Village this ancestral ritual of revitalization and connection is also offered;
  • Sibiel village, along with 13 other localities in the area, is declared a village of touristic interest;
  • In Sibiel you can visit the Museum of Glass Icons Zosim Oancea, which includes the largest collection of glass icons in Ardeal (18th-19th centuries), the Holy Trinity Church (18th century), with a valuable decoration and an important collection of icons on glass and wood, the Monument of the Romanian Heroes, a wooden cross built in the memory of the heroes who fell in the War of Independence, located in the churchyard of the village.


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