Schuster Boarding House

An Art Nouveau house, dating from 1914, restored and reborn in Brașov. A premium experience, stylish accommodation and a rooftop terrace with great city view. It is what we found on the most beautiful street corner of Brașov, a wonderful building and a flawless world beyond it. We are in the dear city that we did not think would surprise us with anything. But it did in the most beautiful way. It brought us in front of a jewel building that seemed to come to life, living more intensely and more beautifully than ever, on the small street of the mountain city. Schuster Boarding House, belonging to an old Saxon family, now restored, keeps many original elements and details. On the outside, a beautiful Art Nouveau style that fits wonderfully into the landscape, and inside, another world: modern details, elegant furniture, warm lights, returning to contemporaneity, a certain refinement.


Modern elements and colors, accents and details of the 1900s

The rooms at Schuster Boarding House have the same style, beautifully combining modern elements and colors with accents and details reminiscent of the early 1900s: the architecture, the shape of the doors and windows, the high spaces. A specific detail of the beautiful house is the roof terrace, with a 360 degree view over Brașov Fortress. What we also find interesting about the house is the fact that the original tile used on the building, produced in Austria in 1908, was replaced with a new tile made at the same factory, built exactly as during that time. The interior of the roof, windows and doors on the ground floor have also been carefully preserved and restored.

Both the lounge and the restaurant of the fairytale house remain in the same elegant and refined atmosphere. So relax on the beautiful roof terrace, inside the lounge or in the restaurant, enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine. The menu also fits beautifully into everything the place offers as an experience: premium services, fine tastes, special dishes, time for each guest and breakfast is complete and exquisitely organized. For dinner we served a delicious cream soup, shrimp salad and a refined chocolate dessert.


You are close to Sforii Street, in the center of Brașov, a touristic city, with important historical monuments: The Black Church, The Bastions of the Citadel, The Statue of Johannes Honterus, The Council House, Andrei Șaguna High School, Scheii Brașovului, St. Nicholas Church, First Romanian School. Sforii Street has been attested in documents since the 17th century, as a simple corridor, used for the work of the firefighters. It has a length of 80 meters, and its width varies between 1.11 and 1.35 m, which gives it the title of the narrowest street in the city of Brașov and the third place in Europe after the Spreuerhofstraße in Germany (31-50 cm) and Parliament Street in England (122 cm). Between the borders of Brașov, enjoy the images of Postăvaru, Bucegi, Piatra Mare, Tâmpa Mountain and nearby, Poiana Brașov city.

Schuster Boarding House really offers a complete and premium experience in today’s Romanian tourism. Moreover, it opens the way and the appetite for old houses transformed into luxury spaces, with impeccable details, services and organization, which certainly creates new standards in terms of travel in our country. Schuster House assures us once again that it is possible in Romania and that, moreover, we can reach new heights in the gift offered to travelers, through the story of the place, restoration, the people in the right place, knowledge, elegance, refinement and class. We enjoyed Schuster Boarding House and we look forward to returning to the beautiful street of this city where the house today illuminates, rejoices and attracts all the eyes of people, the ones passionate about beauty. Schuster Boarding House is actually a story.

  • the modern and minimalist design of the rooms
  • the Art Nouveau exterior
  • the bohemian air of the house
  • the top floor terrace
  • the mirrors of the rooms that offer space
  • the restaurant design
  • Schuster House belonged to the family of the same name, wealthy Saxons from Brașov, with a symbol that can be seen right at the entrance of the building;
  • The architectural plan of the house was made by an Austrian architecture firm, and the construction works were performed by specialists from Budapest;
  • During the restoration works the original plans of the house were discovered;
  • The inside of the roof was restored and painted by hand on solid wood; The original windows and doors on the ground floor have been preserved;
  • Original restored paintings can be seen on the facade of the house; Like Art Nouveau buildings around the world, Schuster Boarding House is also illuminated at night; The current color of the building is identical to the initial one.


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