Singureni Manor

Singureni Manor, Comuna Singureni, Jud. Giurgiu

A whole forest at your window

“You are in a place that is especially dear to me, your host – it’s a place where I belong with my whole heart. I hope you’ll live an exquisite experience here and that it will remain fresh in your memory. I hope that Singureni Manor would become more than a beautiful place for a relaxing getaway. I hope that it will become a reference destination for all the people that appreciate the authentic, profound, transformative experiences. Be welcome.”

At Singureni Manor, less than an hour from Bucharest, we really took a break

Stillness. The most beautiful time of the last days. A breathable air. Big and wide open eyes, admiring every detail. And a whole forest at the window.At Singureni Manor, less than an hour from Bucharest, we really took a break. We connected with every little detail, we breathed the joy of nature, we found the energy of values, beauty and emotions. We were completely surprised to find an oasis in the middle of a crowd, a natural nest in constant motion, splendor, a complete experience in a place that offers real images, love and passion, impeccable services, accommodation in personalized rooms, gourmet food, a true riding retreat, observation and silence. An exit from time and space, where we couldn’t think it was possible.


On the 800 hectares of forest you will have the chance to be surprised by deer at every step, from over 3000 wild animals living here. What more could you want from an escape into the pure nature? You also have the chance to see real beauty shows offered by purebred Arabian horses. Interpersonal connection, but also a great passion for horses, nature, wild animals and the whole environment.

Paul’s horses, lodge and forest

Singureni Manor today includes three locations. Paul’s Horses is the place where we were accommodated, that best expresses the authentic, beautiful, deep connection with everything that lives around us. “Arabian horses have a soul as big as the desert that gave birth to them and maybe that’s why they receive our moods and absorb our vibrations. This is not just a place where you can go riding. It is a place of connection, introspection, relaxation, joy, transformation. ” Paul’s Horses, imagined and built in the form of an elegant guesthouse, has direct access, just through a door, from the comfortable lobby to the Arabian and Haflinger horses stables. The guest rooms have a direct view over the carefully arranged forest, in such way that nothing of its almost magical existence to be altered: a lot of wood and green, floral motifs, inspired by nature, good taste, warm colors, perfect details and a lot of peace, good energy .

Paul’s Lodge, a luxury hunting-style mansion

The second accommodation option at Singureni Manor is Paul’s Lodge, a luxury, hunting-style mansion with 13 personalized rooms, an indoor pool, saunas and jacuzzi, completed with fine dining with signature dishes. Authentic wood, beautiful details reminiscent of the oasis you arrived in, the burning fireplace, unique objects from the personal collection of the family, the hunting mansion belonging to the souls of the hosts. There is also a kitchen here, arranged in the same style, where the chef cooks gourmet, inspired by the aroma of the forest, with the local ingredients, the so-called “signature dishes”, which he repeats very rarely. So real culinary experiences, comfort, refinement and a lot of good taste.

Paul’s Forest

The third one is completely special – Paul’s Forest – being prepared for 2022.

Stay here, on the 800 hectares of Singureni. You don’t need anything else, as long as you find everything you need in real nature: riding for adults and children, here or through the forest, shows offered by Arabian horses, routes with carriage or sleigh pulled by the horses, cycling adventures in the area, wildlife viewing, children’s playgrounds, relaxation and hammock areas, a wonderful yoga platform in nature, spa corner with sauna, tub and massage, archery, badminton or just … simple contemplation.


Fine cuisine is not a luxury, an ambition, a caprice. It is the expression of the deepest respect for nature and life in general

The famous chef Alexandru Dumitru joined the team from Singureni Manor, cooking exactly in the local style, for a real culinary experience, fine cuisine and at the same time slow food. “Fine cuisine is not a luxury. It’s not an ambition. It’s not a caprice. It is the expression of the deepest respect for nature and life in general. My culinary creations are based on the principle of absolute freshness of local ingredients, being like a piece played only once, as an evanescent, fleeting experience, but which leaves a lasting impression. Today’s menu is inspired by the scent of the forest, the succulence of the earth, the color of the season. Inhale the green, live the colors, contemplate the painting. You don’t eat here, you feed yourself. ” We tried a large part of the menu, delicious gnocchi, reinterpreted soups, freshly picked mushrooms, organic tomatoes grown in their own gardens, matured beef, surprisingly associated ingredients, for all tastes, including wonderful options for vegetarians or vegans.

At Singureni Manor we really came out of time and space.

Initially, the surprise that there can be such a vast and diverse oasis relatively close to our life, the one of the city, gratitude for the fact that today we can have access to such beauties in Romania, while traveling, then the clear image of the details of the place, the forest, the animals, the good energy, the hosts’ passion for nature and beauty, all conquering us perfectly. We are happy to find oases, both for the body and for the soul, moments of pause from a rhythm that sometimes we do not understand, places full of goodness, color, authenticity and good taste, which in the end do not go beyond the line of normality, simplicity, common sense. And we do not believe that there will be any traveler, through Romania or around the world, who will not find something wonderful in the beauty of the domanin from Singureni.

An entire forest at the window.

Singureni Manor, Singureni, Giurgiu County

  • the peace of the place
  • the details and arrangements
  • the respect for animals, nature and the environment
  • photographing the wild animals in the forest
  • the perfect peace of the place
  • the show of purebred Arabian horses
  • “Arabian horses are loyal, profound, forgiving and dependent on long-term ties, because their history is as old as humanity. Their connection with people is inscribed in their DNA: venerated, loved, respected, horses that have made a millennial partnership with people. They love deeply, but being conditioned by the love they receive. ”;

Singureni Manor has become an oasis in nature

  • Singureni Manor is a private domain that offers now complete experiences to guests. However, the location reserves the right to select its customers;
  • We recommend that you take your phone or camera and start on the paths of the 800 hectares of forest inside the domain. Quietly, you will be able to observe wild animals and various species of birds all around. At the same time, the most beautiful flowers you can see here are the wonderful wild red peonies;
  • The booking at Singureni Manor can be made for a minimum of two nights accommodation. At the same time, the place does not accept visitors who are not accommodated here;
  • In 2022, Paul’s Forest will be opened, an oasis built inside the forest, which offers accommodation among trees, birds and local animals.


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