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Images, old memories and feelings

One of the most important principles and habits we have in our Romanian Romance journey is to arrive in person in every location. To feel the energy of every corner of the house, to choose our favorite details, to talk for hours with the hosts, to find out, to smile, to leave each place richer and even more, full of hope. We believe that otherwise you cannot share stories, the only way being through your own lived experience, by feeling the place with your own emotions and senses.

Taschler Haus, a story in story

The same happened with the warm and dear house from medieval Sighisoara, Taschler Haus. A place that seems hidden in a fortress, full of mystery, magic and old color. A story in a story, with all sorts of corners, rooms, furniture and details that tell more stories than words would. A real experience of visiting Sighișoara, in harmony with everything that is still magical and borrowed from the past in this corner of the country. And last but not least, the home of some perfect, warm, open and smiling hosts, with whom we talked with great pleasure and with a friendship that seems to have been there for a long time.Taschler Haus Boutique Hotel is an old Saxon house dating back to the 1670s, located right in the center of Sighisoara, 150 meters away from The Clock Tower. Ten rooms tell different stories, with names inspired by the crafts of the Saxon craftsmen, with specific symbols and decorations characteristic of those times.

Taschler Haus, a monument of international importance, in an area listed on The World Heritage List

Taschler Haus is, as in the case of many buildings in beautiful Sighișoara, a monument of international importance, located in an area listed on The World Heritage List, the historic center of Sighișoara. It was, back in history, house and bakery. In 1788 it was destroyed by a fire, then in 1790 it was bought and completely rebuilt by Michel Friedrich Wultschner, the mayor of the free royal city and of Sighișoara county at that time.At the entrance we are greeted by the host of the house, smiling, then becoming a perfect guide in discovering every known and unknown detail of the house about which he speaks with great passion and love.

Taschler Haus, the house in Sighișoara with a story for each room

The inner courtyard, specific to the houses in Sighișoara, opens like a story, inviting you to discover all sorts of things that no longer belong to the current time. Many elements, objects, traditional details of Saxon life and household activities: iesle, a grain storage box, vânturătoare for separating the grain.

Hand-made paintings with scenes and customs of the past, such as the painting of the goose, which blindfolded, finds its choice among the young women in the game. The chosen girl was the one was getting married that year.

Then the winery, with the same fascinating objects and symbols, chopping and grinding machines, grape presses, tools used in homes.

At Taschler Haus, each room is a journey. We enjoy every story and more, every word spoken by the host, revealed in different registers: comic, funny, mystical or romantic, which introduces us nicely into the atmosphere of the fascinating and at the same time simple rooms. So here begins the real journey.

Ten story-rooms, with names and symbols inspired by the crafts of the Saxon craftsmen

Taschler Haus Boutique Hotel offers ten story rooms with names and symbols inspired by the craftsmanship of the Saxon craftsmen. In each there are specific symbols, paintings, special decorations. At the entrance of each room there is also painted a scene that illustrates the job that gave the name of the room. Insid there are objects, furniture, decorations, paintings that offer the atmosphere, mystery and magic specific to the Saxon craftsmen of Transylvania of the past centuries.

We appreciate the diversity of the rooms and the way we are told different stories in each, but in a common frame. Some rooms are secluded, quiet, silent, even mysterious, other ones open to the world, elegant, imposing. Some are simple and comforting, some are bright and generous. This place is truly a story of images, old memories and feelings.

At Taschler Haus you enjoy the tranquility of a city that is at rest today, trembling with life in ancient times.

At Taschler Haus you can enjoy the tranquility of a city that rests today, in other ancient times trembling with people, crafts and local events. So, find a moment to breathe, literally, at the window of your room, opened towards an old and charming street, the different energy of this city. Or take your place in the small garden of the house. Here you have a wonderful image of The Clock Tower and you can enjoy the specialties and traditional drinks of the area.

Around Taschler Haus, history, legend and charm. We recommend you to visit The Church of The Dominican Monastery, built in the second half of the 13th century, in Transylvanian Gothic style. Then The Clock Tower, a historical monument built in the 14th century, with a balcony at a height of 30 m, where you can enjoy the view over the fortress. Of course, to explore every old alley, every guesthouse in search of as many different experiences as possible, every restaurant hidden on the ground floor or in the basement of the  old houses, where you can eat delicious food. One thing is for sure: there is a different story, a different family with a history of generations and a different charm in every old building of the fascinating Sighișoara. In fact, the only inhabited citadel in Europe.

We enjoyed the moments spent in this hidden story, but at the same time so open to the world at Taschler Haus. Even though time has been limited in theory, it has essentially expanded, encompassing so many stories, emotions and colors. We happily told stories with the host under the vault of the house, in the inner garden, sharing ideas about the new and old worlds, learning stories of the place and the Saxon craftsmen. We breathed a different air in this city full of a different atmosphere, energy, imprint. That of a lived history and told further between generations, of the details and colors that are still preserved, of a city that does not stop from the hustle and bustle, its road or becoming, but elegantly takes, from time to time, a short break. For storytelling, contemplation, revelation and appreciation for what we still have.

Thank you, Taschler Haus, for a story with such a charm!Taschler Haus Boutique Hotel, Hermann Oberth Square 4, Sighișoara, Mureș County

  • the different story of each room
  • the mystery and tranquility of the place
  • storytelling with the hosts
  • the interior and exterior paintings
  • the location of the house near The Clock Tower
  • the warmth of the host
  • The entire property of Taschler Haus is decorated, both inside and out, with paintings with scenes, customs, legends and traditions of the Saxons; There is a review of each painting on the guesthouse’s website; However, their story can be found on the spot, directly from the hosts;
  • Although in its current form it shows an image of the first half of the 18th century, Taschler Haus is certainly much older, the approximate dating of its beginnings being impossible to specify, in the absence of archaeological information;
  • The reception at Taschler Haus is decorated with antique furniture, hand-painted with Saxon motifs and symbols of the city and citadel of Sighișoara; The most spectacular is the painting behind the desk, which recalls the arrival of the Saxons in Transylvania;
  • The painting is inspired by the legend of the Children of Hameln, where the enchanted whistle of the singer brought the Saxon children to the Transylvanian lands, building the seven fortresses; These are illustrated as nests placed on the crown of a tree;
  • Also in the reception you will find the painting that illustrates the scene from a bakery, an image made with many details; A special symbol is the wall printed with verses sewn from the prayer “Our Father”.


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