The Good House

Every guesthouse should tell a story. The stories actually inspire us in our search and journey: those about the hosts and their habits, unwritten rules and flavors of the house, those about distant memories that come back to us, about the warm feeling of hospitality and the family behind everything we are – as people and travelers. At The Good House Hărman we met again on our way the emotion: the quiet air, the details of an old, rebuilt house, the special and good people, our souls that get richer every time we meet hosts and houses that we love. The house at number 427 in Hărman, a village that houses a fortress and an 800-year-old fortified church, starts from the bases of the specific Saxon household, where the main house was rebuilt, preserving authentic elements, and the old stables in the yard were transformed into apartments for the guests. The “good and dear” house in Hărman, as it is called by the hosts, therefore has a local specificity, the peace and color offered by the hosts Maria and Gheorghe but also the “coolness” and “mood” of the children, Ioana and Sorin. The complete experience of a family as we always love to meet.


Colorful details, young spirit, wood, a beautiful burning fireplace, comfortable armchairs, books, small joy

Inside there are colorful details, young spirit and a lot of wood. A fireplace that burns beautifully in a corner of the living room, comfortable sofas and armchairs, books, small joys, brandy and delicious sour cherry liqueur and good coffee. Also an area dedicated to serving food: the best dishes cooked with love and passion by Mrs. Maria, the host with whom we talk a lot, at every step. She makes us smile and think when she speaks so deeply about life, we sincerely enjoy it. Here we ate besides the delicious dishes specific to the area (traditional soups, but also schnitzels with homemade pickles and fasole bătută – beans) the best apple pie, later finding out that the lady worked for 20 years in a sweets laboratory, having at the same time a beautiful personal history. Take the time to listen to her.

The guest rooms with a living included are spacious and modern. A lot of light and peace at Hărman. Outside we discover a green village, grown in fresh and open air. In The Good House’s courtyard there is a special fire place and a large orchard where Bella and Bruno, the dogs of the house run freely all day. In the same yard, the former stables have been transformed into modern apartments, which keep the old wood, wonderfully reintroduced in the story of the house. One of the apartments is specially built and adapted for people with disabilities.


In Hărman both the fortress and the fortified church tell a story of 800 years. The church was built in the 13th century on the basis of an old Roman basilica. The fortification surrounding the church was built in the 15th century, the outer wall being meant to protect the base of the enclosure. The picturesque exterior of the church is actually the pantry built into the walls. Here the villagers kept their goods and food, protected from possible attacks, each family having its own storage space. In the inner wall there is a guard road, through which all the towers communicate. History, roots and community.

Near Hărman also discover the Evangelical Fortified Church of Prejmer, built in the 13th century on the basis of an old Roman basilica from the 12th century. The ensemble consists of a church, a fortified enclosure, a defense road, two towers, two bastions, a gate tower. Prejmer was the first locality to receive the Turks attacks, so King Sigismund of Luxembourg ordered the construction of defense systems in the Land of Bârsa and the fortification of the church through a high enclosure. The circle-shaped fortress had 3-4 m thick walls and 12 m high, bastions, iron gates and bridges.

Hărman, a meeting place of peoples, cultures and times is, indeed, an experience. We discovered and understood it through the good house and the beautiful people from 427. The rest of the trip is story, charm, emotion and meaning, all to be discovered.

  • Mrs. Maria, the host of the house
  • the cheerful colors inside
  • feeling at home
  • the green yard
  • the dining and working area
  • the hospitality
  • Hărman (Mons Mellis in Latin, meaning Honey Mountain) was known for producing honey;
  • The history of The Hărman Fortress is linked to the presence of the Order of the Teutonic Knights in the Land of Bârsa, in the first decades of the 13th century;
  • Hărman is documented in 1240;
  • In the area of the locality there are two natural reservations: Hărman Swamp and Lempeș Citadel Hill;
  • Visit The Ethnographic Museum in Hărman; A passionate teacher gathered here old objects, which reconstruct the life of the authentic Romanian village.


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