The Pines Boutique Villa

Scandinavian decor and pines at the window

In the never stopping journey from one place to another, passing the fortified churches in the Saxon villages, leaving behind the guesthouses, elegant mansions, the old noble families, young people moving to villages, admiring the mountain peaks, forests, lands, seasons and people, we stop or “return”, from time to time, to the city. Cities can also have interesting stories, being a world in world, with beautiful people, experiences and a different kind of color.

We return with our thoughts running like this, in beautiful Brașov, which we always find in a different way. There is a pleasure in rediscovering your dear places, having that sense of peace and breathable air in the same time. And in the heart of a city that became touristic and crowded, we stop whenever possible in a place where light, simplicity of beauty and serenity coexist.

The Pines Boutique Villa, hidden behind a small forest of tall pines, in a corner of the city that you wouldn’t believe it exists, always welcomes us with a smile.

“You are closer to the forest with 5, 4, 3, 2 … steps. And less far from home than you can imagine. ”

Small oasis of simple and beautiful

The small boutique hotel of the city is a real oasis of beauty and simplicity, always reminding us of the clear and clean style of Northern Europe. And the pines, the air and the wide windows take us right into the landscape there.

The evergreen pines keep the atmosphere of the story. In spring you will find them trembling and joyful, in winter full of snow, in summer bright and in autumn even more alive, not giving up to the sleeping of nature. And “from your room you can dream of a childhood story, with fantastic creatures, forests, freedom, vanilla cakes and who knows what wonders.”

Brasov lying at the window

The Pines Boutique Villa has six rooms, including two spacious apartments, with a beautiful natural light. The materials used are “honest”, like metal, old wood, linen and wool. And the panorama of Brașov can be seen splendidly at the window. In our visits we chose Apartment 4, where on Sunday morning you can enjoy lazily on the couch, nestled quietly over the hustle and bustle of a city that wakes up and Room 1, cheerful, airy, discreetly coloured in a game of colors, lines, shapes, materials and details. We like the ideas, the style, the lightness and the entire design of the place!

Fresh air, the beautiful modern, the discreet hidden in details

The Pines Boutique Villa seems to be for us that breath of fresh air, the beautiful modern, the discreet hidden in details, the normal, contemporary hospitality, being warm in the same time. The people here always greet you beautifully, remembering the guests, telling stories, smiling and living in the same rhythm with the place, making us feel and see the boutique hotel even more beautiful. Another proof that people always make the place.

What to do and where to go

The Pines Boutique Villa invites you to relax, take a break from the modern busy life, become aware and take slow steps. So inside there is time and space only for dreaming.

In the medieval city you have many things to visit: The Black Church, The Council Square, The Council House, The Museum of Urban Civilization, Sforii Street, Bastionul Țesătorilor, Schei Gate, Catherine’s Gate, Black Tower, După Ziduri Street. But beyond all these, we believe that like fairytale cities, Brașov reveals itself while walking, being personal and special for every guest: the old, paved streets, beautiful houses, teahouses, neat courtyards, places and things that give life to many emotions, thoughts, feelings.

What to eat

The Pines Boutique Villa offers only breakfast, which we recommend to be served in the room, to feel once again the warmth, lightness and beauty of the place. Otherwise, for good food and an extra local spirit we always recommend Dei Fratti, Trattoria Pocol and Poarta Schei 4 restaurants.

  • the old pine forest in the neighborhood
  • the room design, the feeling of space, clear lines
  • the honest, eco friendly concept, close to nature
  • the panoramic view apartment
  • the Scandinavian style
  • the hospitality

The Pines Boutique Villa

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  • The city of Brașov was documented for the first time in 1235, being the most important city in Transylvania during the Middle Ages and an economic fortress in the XIV-XVI centuries;
  • The old Saxon town or the Crown City is today one of the most visited cities in Romania;
  • Brașov County occupies a large part of Brașov and Făgăraș depressions, with an altitude between 400 and 2544 m;
  • The city is located at an altitude of 625 m, in Bârsa depression;
  • The Pines Group also owns a boutique villa in Vama Veche, at the seaside.


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