Verde de Viscri

Green grass of Viscri

There is a special green colour that you can find only in Viscri, the beautiful Transylvanian village, home and inspiration for HRH Prince Charles of Wales. Indeed, nature here has remained untouched and wild, as it is the experience of living, for a few days, the Transylvanian life. Through the wonders of Viscri discovered in time, we arrived at Verde de Viscri, at number 119, place that describes so good the spirit of this amazing part of Transylvania.

Time standing still

Verde de Viscri is indeed a place to stay, to wander and to admire. You can see every day, in front of the beautiful house, roosters fighting, cows coming back home, amazing sunsets and sunrises, time standing still.

All green, natural elements, decorations, flowers and plants of all kinds and beauty.

The house is not big, there are four rooms from which you can choose accommodation, including an apartment. A perfect location for families or groups of friends.

Wide windows full of light over the hills of Viscri

We stayed in Verde-Pădure Room, which means Green-Forest Room and we really loved it, because it is placed upstairs and it has big wide windows through which the light enters in such a beautiful way in the morning and all day long.

What to eat

At Verde de Viscri you can only have breakfast, a simple one but very good, traditional, using local fresh ingredients. For an amazing lunch or dinner Viscri 32 is a must, also Viscri 125. Besides accommodation, they offer delicious food, slow cooked, using Transylvanian ingredients and recipes.

What to do and where to go

Simply breathing the fresh air

Besides enjoying a beautiful morning or afternoon in the green garden at Verde de Viscri, breathing the fresh air, Viscri village, the famous Transylvanian location that has the heart of all travelers around the world, has so many things to offer: walking along the village and in the surrounding forests, bicycle rides, traditional cart rides and horse riding, bear watching inside the forest, visiting the house of HRH Prince Charles in the village, truffle hunting and many more. Also the Fortified Churches from Criț, Meșendorf, Saschiz and Biertan are some time wonders very close to our hearts, as well as beautiful Rupea Citadel and Sighișoara Citadel – the last inhabited in Europe!

When we really need some time for ourselves or a real break from what the big cities offer, Verde de Viscri is the place to be. Slow living here can be so good for the body, mind and spirit. We won’t need more than a blanket on ”the green gras of home”, a good book, the fresh air and a nice room view, over the hills of Viscri, in the morning.Enjoy the green of Viscri!Verde de Viscri

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  • the stillness
  • the breakfast outside
  • the wide luminous rooms
  • the inside green garden
  • The Green Forest Room
  • the clothes being dried outside
  • Viscri, formerly known as Giscriu, is translated into the old language as the White Saxon Church;
  • Viscri is the home of one of the most spectacular Saxon Fortified Churches, also one of the 6 churches that are part of Unesco World Heritage;
  • In Viscri still survives one of the most picturesque and monumental Saxon peasant citadels, which includes one of the few Romanesque churches of the 13th century, still well preserved;
  • Verde de Viscri guesthouse dates from 1848;
  • Verde de Viscri is known as the place where you can hear your heart beating.


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