Vila Csonka

The mix of old and new, in a fine dining experience

The elegant encounter with Villa Csonka gave us a moment to go back in time, fascinated by the warm but sophisticated dialogue we took part in. A historical monument villa, in a park with an area of ​​3500 sqm, Secession style, the atmosphere from the 1900s. All in beautiful Târgu Mureș. Villa Csonka was restored between 2011 and 2013 and can be admired from the lobby of Privo Hotel, located next to the wonderful building, part of the same group. The house is furnished with restored original Thonet and Art Deco pieces, over 100 years old, with three double rooms and three deluxe suites, Classic King Room, Classic Suite and Antique Suite, each with a unique design: the old atmosphere outside but modern comfort inside, generous spaces, elegant, classic lines, warm colors, old objects and details, light, generous windows, beautifully built.


Returning in time to our own beings

The rooms of Villa Csonka are like some fairy tales, in which you enter and enjoy every detail of an unknown world. You didn’t live it, but today you are here and you seem to understand it better, you appreciate its beauty and delicacy. Villa Csonka is also returninng in time to our own beings. Privo restaurant is the one that offers a real fine dining experience: carefully selected dishes and drinks. Elegance, culinary culture, international cuisine, but also reinterpreted local ingredients. The products used in the kitchen are organic and the menu constantly enjoys change. Duck breast with cranberry sauce and Barry Cocoa chocolate mousse are the recommendations of the place. Also at Privo you have access to the wine bar, configured in two parts, with a room for serving wines and one dedicated to storage and hoarding. There are 30 seats here, in an intimate setting, next to a sommelier who will guide you in the fascinating world of wine.


Targu Mures has testimonies of the past, scenes and historical details

Târgu Mureș is a beautiful city that still preserves fragments of time and evidence of a past culture: The Central Square, called The Rose Square, with countless buildings built in baroque, neoclassical and secessionist style, for example Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul Church, The Franciscan Tower, The Palace of Culture or the former City Hall. The walls of the Medieval Citadel remind of the history of the city and the political-economic importance of The Principality of Transylvania. Many Protestant synods were held in the church, 37 national assemblies having as guests Louis I of Hungary, John of Hunedoara or John Sigismund Zapolya. Here Prince Regent of Hungary and Prince of Transylvania Francis Rakoczi II were elected.

In addition to the wonderful journey in the world, the history and style of Villa Csonka, the streets of Târgu Mureș abound in testimonies of the past, in scenes and historical details of great significance. We believe that it is truly an elegant, distinguished and special space in which to gather your thoughts, memories, curiosities, to travel sitting comfortably in the old armchair, in which to imagine the colors, joys and days of the world back then.Vila Csonka, Gheorghe Doja Street 28, Târgu Mureș, Mureș County

  • the Secession style of the villa
  • the tranquility of the spaces
  • the fine dining experience- the fine dining experience
  • the story of the villa
  • the gourmet menu
  • morning walk in the park
  • Târgu Mureș is located in the center of historical Transylvania, on both banks of Mureș River;
  • Archaeological excavations carried out by Istvan Kovacs confirmed that the city’s territory has been inhabited since prehistoric times;
  • In the first known mention of the city, from 1230, it is recorded with the name of Asserculis, the term meaning “made of wood”, so a locality with constructions made of wood;
  • On April 29, 1616 the locality received the rank of free royal city;
  • It was known until the pre-war period as Murăș-Oșorhei, which means “place of the fair”; The name “Târgu Mureș” was adopted during the interwar administration.


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