Viscri 32

Meanwhile in Viscri

If you are a Viscri lover you should know that many couples came here from the noisy big cities of Romania, especially Bucharest, and moved themselves and their whole life inside the beautiful, silent, Transylvanian village.

Alexu and Mara did the same in 2015. But more than this, they created a place with such a soul that became one of the symbols of Viscri, for its story, food, vibe and people. If you arrive to Viscri, no. 32 is a must – to see, discover, enjoy.

Restored Saxon home and Transylvanian gastronomy

Viscri 32 is best known for its beautiful old wooden barn, transformed into a Slow Food restaurant, decorated with old objects, clothes and furniture, local original hand-made crafts, dried plants and the most beautiful spot where a terracotta stove is placed, beautifully made in white and blue colours.

Behind the barn-restaurant there is a wide green orchard, for relaxing and taking lunch or dinner.

Then, there is the Blue House for accommodation, a Saxon restored house, with two rooms, two bathrooms, an open kitchen and a dining area. ”And yes, everything still looks and feels as if the Saxon people are still living here: restored pieces of furniture, traditional pottery, two beautiful painted stoves and the traditional armuroi – painted value locker mounted into a wall”, they say .

What to do & Where to go

Enjoy the beautiful green orchard, pick a unique piece of terracotta, discover traditional Viscri

Besides enjoying the amazing food, and spending time in the garden, maybe admiring the beautiful pieces of terracotta exposed on the fence, you can also discover Viscri in all its beauty and authenticity.

Find time to visit the 12th century Fortified Church and its museum, the HRH Prince’s Charles cottage house on the other side of the road, the little traditional ”shops” full of local hand made products, such as: wool socks, woven carpets, traditional clothes, old style decorations.

What to eat

A Slow Food restaurant, for a slow living life

The famous Slow Food restaurant here has delicious food and drinks, inspired by the old Transylvanian recipes, using authentic ingredients from peasants and family farm around the area. You will be surprised every time you open the little menu, that changes from time to time. The baked potatoes with cheese are a must, the cabbage soup also, as the desserts are amazing, all kinds of pies and fruit tarts imagined and cooked by Mara herself. Viscri 32 is our favorite place to eat in the entire area. You just can feel the soul put into this place, the passion for the good, traditional, well-done things.Viscri 32 is a beautiful story and example about recreating life at the countryside, in an old traditional village, by young, passionate people, who chose stillness instead of restlessness, going back in time instead of moving fast forward, preserving values and symbols instead of forgetting.

Viscri 32, you have our hearts!Viscri 32:

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  • the design of the place
  • the amazing good food
  • the story behind the place
  • him and her
  • the reinterpreted dishes
  • the terracotta stove
  • Use #meanwhileinviscri, their signature, in order to find out everything happening in Viscri every day;
  • Viscri 32 house was built in 1912 by Johann Dootz and his family, on the foundation of an older cottage house; His signature is still carved and painted in the original beams;
  • The old Saxon house was restored with guidance from architect Cristian Kiss and local craftsmen;
  • Teracota Mediaș is the last factory of hand-pressed and hand-painted stoves in Romania; Viscri 32 has as decorations many unique pieces made of terracotta and beautifully painted;
  • Teracota Mediaș was founded in 1906 by the Saxon Gref Iulius; For almost 80 years (1938-2015) the factory had several owners, among them also the Romanian state.


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