Wolkendorf Bio Hotel and Spa

Nature living all around. A road that easily leads us to the forest. Fresh air, the sound of leaves, the sun found through every branch, corner of the road, thought of ours. We arrived in a secluded place, far from what we knew but close to us, from the beginning, through the joy, warmth, familiarity that it inspires. A small bio oasis, where children find their joy outside, in the games of yesterday, nature, birds and animals feel safe and we, the adults, enjoy a long-awaited moment, just for breathing. Wolkendorf Bio Hotel & Spa was born out of a concern for nature and a longing for the lightness of the holiday. Today, the BIO-hotel uses its resources sustainably, protecting the environment, which only makes us happy. We are thrilled to discover that steps are being taken in this responsibility for the air we breathe and the earth where we were born, in a way that can inspire us further. Every extra effort, care, gesture and day counts.


Wooden details, flowers at the windows, warm rooms, hand painted furniture, close to the atmosphere of your own house

Whether you’re taking one week break from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, in a quiet oasis, or choosing a short weekend walk, alone or with friends, family, kids, at Wolkendorf you’ll find the right place for every thrill, desire, imagination. At the edge of the forest in Vulcan, near the city of Brașov, time is waiting beautifully and sometimes on the contrary, it runs all day not knowing how many colorful emotions you experienced in one day. The small resort in nature is built compactly, having several chic hotel type buildings, but not having the feeling of lack of privacy or crowding. On the contrary, the whole property looks like a small, clean, tidy town, secluded in a nature that welcomes it inside. Wooden details, flowers at the windows, warm, bright rooms with hand-painted furniture, close to the atmosphere of your own home. Here you can enjoy outdoor activities, tours, exploring the surroundings, short trips or simply reading and lazing in the sun, in a different air.

W Spa, the spa created in the middle of nature, is one of the most appreciated services here: a warm atmosphere, massage therapy, water and salt. The salt room is dedicated to meditation, with a mineral wall built of salt crystals, with 84 minerals that are also part of the human body. In the same space you can enjoy the wet or dry sauna, chromium aromatherapy, Finnish sauna and steam bath, then the pools with cold water, salty, oxygen water, ice fountain and cold shower. Complete relaxation and therapy.


We bring every season to our kitchen

„At Wolkendorf Bio Hotel we are guided by organic principles even in the kitchen, so we promote local cuisine with traditional recipes from the Brașov area. We bring each season to our kitchen by adapting the recipes to what nature and the local market offer us.” In the kitchen they use natural products from local producers, the place offering as they say, the best meat, the best dairy products and fresh vegetables. The restaurant was launched in 2018, inspired by the old local architecture, with simple materials and details, the atmosphere being close to that of a restaurant from the interwar period. The menu varies with the periods of the year, including either meat specialties or soups, salads, pies and generally traditional dishes based on seasonal vegetables and fruits. At the same time, there is a versatile wine collection that highlights Romanian vineyards and wines.


You are in an area rich in natural beauty, touristic attractions and experiences for everyone. So you can do climbing and trails on Cheile Râșnoavei, you have access to the adventure parks in the area, there is also Transfăgărășan route. Horse riding, carriage rides, fishing in the area, skiing and snowboarding on the nearby slopes (Poiana Brașov, Predeal, Săcele), historical monuments (Râșnov Fortress, Bran Castle, Brașov, Peleș Castle). Also in Vulcan area (15-25 km) there are many fortified churches: Codlea, Cristian, Ghimbav, Sânpetru, the Black Church from Brașov, the castles and medieval fortresses from Transylvania, Cheile Grădiștei, Cheile Moeciului and Cheile Râșnoavei, Rucăr-Bran Corridor, many caves (Bălan, Lilieci, Râșnoavei).

We enjoy in our small bio hotel every moment of peace, a nature that seems to enjoy our presence, the travel, the change. We find peace, harmony and balance walking in the sun of each season, staying at our window with flowers around, under a beautiful night light or enjoying a meal just as before, in harmony with the time and with the place. We liked at Wolkendorf Bio Hotel & Spa the lightness, the relaxation, the attention paid to nature, to the environment, to our human beings. We are one with nature and we should understand this all the time.

  • the attention paid to nature
  • the peace of the place
  • the wooden furniture
  • the traditional menu
  • mornings here
  • the spa concept
  • Vulcan is part of the historical region of Ţara Bârsei and has mineral deposits of coal and lignite;
  • It is mentioned for the first time in the 13th century, the community being strongly formed later, despite the invasions, battles, epidemics, emigrations or deportations;
  • There is a Romanesque church from the 13th century, where only the foundations and the entrance are preserved today, being destroyed by the Turks until 1432; The church was rebuilt in Gothic style and fortified in 1521;
  • In the 19th century administrative buildings, schools, mills, butchery an electricity factory were built here;
  • Since 2004 the village of Holbav has been separated from Vulcan, being a new commune.


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