Travelers in our country – first edition

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We love tradition and travel at the same time.

Roots and wings give us that feeling of belonging, without ever being settled.

Strangers in a world we do not know, which becomes so close in the end, as if it were a part of us from the beginning.

It’s us, the travelers, passionate about Romania, in search of beauty and good, authentic and steady.

And as sometimes you happen to find what you are looking for, receive as a gift our project, Romanian Romance, with its first image and story close to the soul – Travelers in your own country.

The first edition – our own collection of dear Romanian places, 30 of them, with vivid images and simple words; experiences lived in every destination, useful, we believe, in the rediscovery of Romania.

We actually offer you a confession of what our souls enjoyed the most, at home.

We invite you to see Romania, maybe different than before, through our lenses. Through them it has color, uniqueness and especially hope.

Enjoy the journey.

Number of pages: 200

Languages: romanian and english

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