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Romania of authentic diversity, untouched villages, virgin forests, Delta and mountains, traditions, Romania of the hosts and the good spirit needs initiatives – transparent, fair, committed, needs support, appreciation and work, for all that is beautiful and can still be preserved. We want to be among those who help, pass on an authentic and beautiful image of Romania, through the words, images and emotions gathered here, inside the second edition of ”Travelers in Our Own Country” guide, with other 30 special places of beautiful Romania. It all belongs to us, reflecting the personal way in which we discover our land differently, every time.
We are travelers in our own country; we see first of all the stories, examples, people, the change, the hope. We have discovered while traveling out of passion so many colors, one suitable for each of you. Romania has places, people, history, traditions, landscapes and more than this, hosts, hospitality, new presence, past brought to the contemporary, good practices, premium services and travel. We hope you will discover it in a different way, now, through our eyes.
Alexandra and Răzvan

Number of pages: 212
Languages: Romanian and English

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