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20 of the best places and authentic experiences we discovered while traveling in Romania We like to call ourselves travelers, not tourists, because we don’t make plans all the time when exploring, we see places through our own lenses and experiences, we don’t follow what’s in regarding travel, we like to make connections with people and...
top 20 destinations in Romania

20 of the best places and authentic experiences we discovered while traveling in Romania

We like to call ourselves travelers, not tourists, because we don’t make plans all the time when exploring, we see places through our own lenses and experiences, we don’t follow what’s in regarding travel, we like to make connections with people and destinations and we let ourselves changed by the places we see. And more than this, we got to know each other through traveling in Romania, changing ideas, pictures and feelings about these magical lands. So traveling in our own country brought us together, in the end, as a couple.

Travel is powerful, indeed. It changes lives and people and it brings things together. As the whole world itself is dramatically changing right now, travel, even in our country, Romania, has and will have so much to suffer. And us, you, the travelers feel restless. For the moment we travel in our armchairs, dreaming about all the places will be discovering or meeting again after all this. But, when the difficult times are finally coming to an end, where and how we choose to go, spend money and support people, places and local businesses will be more important than ever.

That’s why today, maybe even more, we recommend you to discover beautiful Romania, to see also its different faces, stories and realities you didn’t meet before. We invite you to reconnect with it, learn to appreciate, see the beauty, invest in it, to pay it forward.

Supporting this idea, we, Alexandra and Răzvan, created our own essential guide to Romania, a collection of 20 of the closest places to our hearts, useful even if you are not Romanian but you want to wander, explore and collect some unique experiences. It’s not a top, but a confession of what we really enjoyed about some amazing places that offer such an authentic and vivid image about this country.

Special remarks:

  • We are passionate travelers, not paid bloggers or travel agencies and we choose to promote only the locations that match our expectations;
  • We’ve tested all the destinations – so our experience is real; the photos, videos and impressions are ours;
  • We have our own criteria in selecting the places and experiences: the quality of services, the people there, the story behind the place, the attitude towards the guests, the personal signature, the good taste, the involvement in the community, the different kind of Romanian tourism that we really need to grow – Premium Traditional Travel.

So we guess this close to heart guide deserves your attention.

Conacul lui Maldăr

Back to the good old days

Conacul lui Maldar

Situated in Măldărești, Vâlcea County, Conacul lui Maldăr is our place of beauty, peace and tradition. It became one of our favorite destinations to visit, enjoy and  share. It is indeed the perfect mix of silence, amazing food, great wine selection and good services. During summer you will enjoy the garden and the swimming pool, while in the autumn and winter you will fall asleep in the big lobby – next to a beautiful fireplace. Explore the destination here.

Cincșor. Transilvania. Case de Oaspeți 

Your childhood street

Books in Cincsor

Prepare for the beauty of details, delicious food, an amazing library, cozy rooms and the most beautiful view of a Fortified Church (first officially mentioned in 1421!) that you can have while reading a book you enjoy. Cincșor Guesthouses mean Transylvanian beauty, culture and Saxon traditions. The Former Evangelical School, The Former Parish House and The Peasants House offer nowadays accommodation in Brașov County, not very far from the big city and a wonderful experience for all. Explore the destination here.

Zabola Estate

Place of wander

Exterior intrare principală Zabola Estate | Exterior main entrance of Zabola Estate
Zabola Estate

There is magic everywhere. Next to the old fireplace, in those rooms designed like stories, lying in a chaise longue near the lake, breathing the wild air, walking in the forest, discovering the beautiful domain, simply watching the nature. Zabola Estate, dating from the 16th century, became a beautiful 34 hectares domain in Covasna County and a guesthouse for tourists. It is very interesting to try a different room every time you stay here. You will be in love with the noises that the wooden floors are making and the smell of the burned wood in the fireplaces. Explore the destination here.

Vila Katharina

A hidden jewel

Vila Katharina
Vila Katharina accomodation

Imagine the elegance of the past and the comfort of the present, both in a place of magic and wonder. This is Vila Katharina, an architectural jewel, from the 19th century, restored with all the details and born again as a boutique hotel. Perfectly hidden near Schei Gate of Brașov city, it offers a lovely bouquet of romantic feelings. The only 3 rooms are amazing by design and have the perfection of details: old and massive furniture, luxurious and refined bathrooms, wide open windows, art pieces everywhere and fragments of time. Explore the destination here.

Amfiteatrul Transilvania

Simply Romania

Amfiteatrul transilvania
Interiorul restaurantului Amfiteatrul Transilvania

Transylvania Amphitheater, an ecological complex, placed in Moeciu-Bran, on 100 hectares, a place like a distant heaven, tells stories from the moment you travel the hills in order to find it. It is there, far away from the cities and the modern noise, not in kilometres, but in feelings. The place has two houses for accommodation, each one with cozy traditional 200 years old rooms, which have been restored. Our favorite parts are definitely the swing outside, placed between two trees, the magic of the centered fireplace inside the restaurant and the colored chairs, made of old traditional Moldavian cloth, as the place is a beautiful mixture between Romania and Moldavia. Explore the destination here.

Castle Hotel Daniel

Time to reconnect

Castel Daniel
Decor artistic în dormitor Castel Daniel | Artistic decor in the bedroom Castle Daniel

Daniel Castle, in Tălișoara, Covasna County, has 350 years of history, 20 unique rooms, a gourmet twist, and a cellarium slow down spa and all you need for an amazing weekend & chill. Constantinople Room is a must stay for history enthusiasts. Its walls are richly decorated with 17th century wall paintings, and if you love fireplaces, we warmly recommend the Castle Gate Room, where you can almost see the old gatekeeper getting warm by the fire. Explore the destination here.

Prince of Wales Guesthouse

Time to literally disconnect

Prince-of-Waless-Guesthouse Valea Zalanului
Prince-of-Waless-Guesthouse Valea Zalanului

This amazing property placed in Valea Zălanului, in Covasna County, was owned before by Kalnoky family. It kept its Transylvanian authenticity by having been carefully restored with traditional methods and materials. There are seven double rooms in three heritage cottages, each with its own terrace. Outside you find benches and tables, deck chairs, hammocks and a breakfast barn. Probably the most special room is the one used by H.R.H The Prince of Wales when visiting this remote area. Simple room, but comfortable, with a magic that takes you back in time. Explore the destination here.

Raven’s Nest

Stay on the path

Raven's Nest - Romanian Romance
Raven's Nest

Imagine a green oasis, surrounded by high mountains, wild valleys, covered above by an infinite blue sky. Here, in Sub Piatra village, in Alba County, the young owners found, at the beginning of their story, an ensemble of barns, sheds, and stables. Some of them were replaced and one was refurbished to its original appearance. The most beautiful feeling you can have at Raven’s Nest is at the top. This means the panoramic deck, a place like magic, where you can clearly see all the beauty that the Transylvanian landscapes, mountains & nature can offer. Explore the destination here.

Hadar Chalet

The Romanian savoir faire

Hadar Chalet preview
Hadar Chalet restaurant

Hadar Chalet property is a whole beautiful flowering park waiting to be discovered in Gura Siriului, Buzău. The location can be seen as a beautiful hidden corner, far away from the noisy and modern cities. The isolated chalet dates from 1985, when it was used as a hunting lodge by the communist leaders of the period. Now it has 12 beautiful & cozy rooms, a nice swimming pool, alleys with plants and flowers, fairytale swings, a tree house, and an amazing barn full of stories. Explore the destination here.

Conacul Archia 

The family behind the feeling

Conacul Archia
Conacul Archia

First thing to love about this place, in Hunedoara County, is the design of the rooms. There are no two identical rooms; each one has its own theme and personality. Definitely this is a place for all the seasons. Summer is great as the beautiful pool is inviting you for a swim, spring and autumn are perfect for horse riding or a walk around the property, winter has a particular magic if you watch it from inside while tasting a Romanian red wine. And the family behind the story is special, passionate about history and Romanian roots, true contemporary noblemen. Explore the destination here.

Valea Verde Retreat

Falling in love with Transylvania

Valea Verde Retreat
Valea Verde view

Valea Verde Domain is imagined and organized today as the Italian “albergo diffuso” or “scattered hotel”, idea that brings to life the history and traditions, in a sustainable form of eco-tourism, but this time in Mureș, Cund village. It includes many restored saxon houses, redesigned in a very basic and traditional sense. It is also a place for food lovers. The culinary mix is between French, Transylvanian and Mediterranean, using local, biological, good ingredients. Explore the destination here.

Viscri 125

Calming beauty, centuries old

Viscri 125
Viscri 125 semineu

The young hosts here are coming from Bucharest, as they left their city life and duties behind, moving to Viscri village and building something that would last, like many other persons or couples did in Transylvanian villages. The restaurant and the living area, in the past the old barn, are separated from the two rebuilt guesthouses. Inside this beautiful open space there is an original wooden structure kept and some modern elements added. Viscri 125 offers the vivid authentic experience of living in Viscri. Explore the destination here.

Verde de Viscri

Green grass of Viscri

Verde de Viscri
Verde de viscri accomodation

Verde de Viscri, house built in 1848, is a place to stay and to rewind. You can see every day in front of the beautiful house roosters fighting, cows coming back home, amazing sunsets and sunrises, time standing still. All green, natural elements, decorations, flowers and plants of all kinds and beauty. Verde de Viscri offers accomodation for 10 persons. So it is a perfect location for families or groups of friends. Slow living here can be so good for the body, mind and spirit. Explore the destination here.

Viscri 32 

Meanwhile in Viscri

Viscri 32 preview
Viscri 32 restaurant

Viscri 32 is best known for its beautiful old wooden barn, transformed into a Slow Food restaurant, decorated with old objects, clothes and furniture, local original hand-made crafts, dried plants and the most beautiful spot where a terracotta stove is placed. The famous restaurant has delicious food and drinks, inspired by old Transylvanian recipes, using authentic ingredients from the peasants and from the family farm around the area. And The Blue House is a little oasis where you can rest after the feast. Explore the destination here.

Pensiunea Iara

A living museum

Iara Guesthouse
Iara Guesthouse Restaurant

From many destinations and guesthouses in the wide Danube Delta, we have been charmed by Iara guesthouse, a family location, where you can really feel that cozy, friendly atmosphere, that sense for well done things, the amazing taste of the fresh fish from Danube. Iara is placed on the left bank of Saint George Arm, the oldest and accessible arm of the Danube, in Ilganii de Jos, Tulcea County. For accommodation you can choose between ten rustic double rooms available, all facing the Danube. Explore the destination here.

Casa Kraus

Keeping old life, history and values alive

Casa Krauss
Casa Kraus Accomodation

Hundreds of years ago this was the house of Johannes Traugott Kraus, the local priest from Criț village. Nowadays you will find here a beautiful mansion that has a direct entrance in the stunning Fortified Church. The house was rebuild couple of years ago, following the original plans and was decorated with manual painted furniture, wooden doors and old objects, all giving you a glimpse of how the Saxon community was living. The mansion has a beautiful green yard and a big terrace where you will want to spend as much time as possible. Explore the destination here.

Conacul Bratescu

A family boutique hotel

Conacul Bratescu
Conacul Bratescu Room

Conacul Brătescu from Bran is called the perfect boutique hotel. Each room is designed in a different way, has a separate story and offers a different feeling. We chose the romantic Blue Room and we were delighted by the details. Quiet evenings spent on the small terrace, breathing that mountain strong air, all perfect for a deep relaxing sleep. Reading, searching for a perfect spot for photography, watching the fireplace, contemplating life and stillness are the perfect things to do here. Explore the destination here.

Atra Doftana

Time to rewind

Atra Doftana
Atra Doftana

Built in steps, in Scandinavian style, Atra Doftana impresses you both with the design and the view, each room having a balcony facing the lake. Sunsets are indeed magical. You find here 9 beautiful rooms available and the new wonderful modern Villa Uno, inaugurated in 2019. Find time to spend also on the summer terrace or enjoy the open-air lounge, on the sunbeds and hammocks during the warm season. The entire area, Valea Doftanei is indeed an oasis. Explore the destination here.

Cloașterf Haus

The beauty of simple things

Cloasterf Haus
Cloasterf Haus

The little cozy guesthouse is a typical one, full of stories and beautiful people as hosts, with simple and nice bedrooms, local amazing food and a large green yard where kids are running and animals are playing. Cloașterf Haus is a beautiful family business in Cloașterf village, in Brașov County, born from the desire to offer something authentic to all the travelers but also from an old passion for the countryside, the Saxon lands and nature. Explore the destination here.

Casa Savri

A moment in time

Casa Savri
Casa Savri

The house is a beautiful historical monument, the oldest building dated in Sighișoara city (1568), inherited by the young owners from their parents and the generations before them. They chose to give this amazing building, with its own inner yard, a new life and purpose, as they transformed it in a beautiful guesthouse, full of vintage objects and furniture that look perfect together. Drink your morning coffee on the inner terrace and watch the day light coming and leaving on the facade of the beautiful Clock Tower. Explore the destination here.

We hope that you enjoyed our dear places and the stories they carry and that you mind travelled, at least for a while, from your comfortable armchair or from the new home office.

As Romania has more and more to offer in terms of tourism, culture, history, traditions and people, feel free to draw a plan for the future and consider visiting at least some of the places that made us discover a different Romania, even more beautiful and more valuable than we thought it can be. Fact that brought us joy and enthusiasm. There are no better times or better chances than these ones living right now, to start seeing this country as the amazing special destination that it is.

Don’t forget to wander, to slow down and to rewind these days and plan all your future adventures in the unique Romanian picturesque sceneries. We guarantee it worths.

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