Pensiunea Iara

A living museum

The Danube Delta is for sure one of the most beautiful symbols of Romania. It is, indeed, such a different and unique experience to be a tourist or a traveler in this amazing area, as it is not similar to any of the Romanian experiences.

The UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas, has 2 200 square miles of rivers, channels, marshes, tree-fringed lakes and reed islands.

Biodiversity. Wild landscapes. Fish dishes. Passion for the lands

The biodiversity here is unique (over 5 500 flora and fauna species), the wild beautiful landscapes, the fish dishes you never tried before, the people’s passion for the lands in which they are born, besides the tough life conditions that the Danube Delta has sometimes for the locals – all these and many more reasons should make you visit this wild piece of Heaven.

Iara Guesthouse Bedroom

From many destinations and guesthouses in the wide Danube Delta, we have been charmed by Iara guesthouse, a family location, where you can really feel that cozy, friendly atmosphere, that sense for well done things, the amazing taste of the fresh fish from Danube.

Iara is placed on the left bank of Saint George Arm, the oldest and accessible arm of the Danube, in Ilganii de Jos, Tulcea county.

Good taste. Traditional elements. Beautiful colors

For accommodation you can choose between ten beautiful, colorful, rustic, double rooms available, all facing the Danube. You will observe the good taste in decorating the rooms, the traditional elements, accesories and colors, the beautiful pictures on the walls, all introducing you to the wonderland of Danube Delta.

Iara Guesthouse Restaurant

What to do

As long as you are in the Danube Delta, all the exciting activities must be lived outside the locations, as there are so many beautiful things to discover out there. But, Iara guesthouse has also options for the ones who prefer to stay around the location: an outdoor heated pool, billiards, Ping-Pong table or, a small library with thematic materials. The outdoor terrace is also offering the view of the Romania’s largest river. You can have your tea or coffee here. And children have their own playground.

What to eat

The food at Iara is typical from the Danube Delta, which means that if you are a fish lover you will be extremely happy here: tasty dishes based on fish, specific pies and treats, as you may find only in the Danube Delta. Try the fish soups and also the pike roll, a dish that takes a lot of time and knowledge to be cooked. You won’t regret it.

Where to go

Exploring the wonders of the Danube Delta in a fast boat

When talking about really exploring the Danube Delta, which is the best thing to do here, Iara also offers a fast motorboat, perfect for navigating the big or small channels. There is also the option for thematic and practical fishing experiences, for the experienced.

But we strongly recommend you taking a day for exploring Danube Delta with a fast boat, observing the amazing pelicans, cormorants and egrets, the beautiful rare waterlilies, the wild horses if you are lucky, the sunsrises and sunsets and so many more!

The Danube Delta is one of the Romanian wonders, as we feel so lucky and amazed to have an unique place like this on our lands. We are also happy seeing families and Danube Delta lovers building something here, moving in this place or coming back from the big cities in order to promote it, to offer an alternative to all the travelers in search of biodiversity, wilderness and untouched beauties.

Iara Guesthouse Pool
Iara Guesthouse Pelicans
Iara Guesthouse
Iara Guesthouse

Iara guesthouse is one of our favorite places in the Danube Delta area and we fell in love with their simple way of being, hospitality, joyful personalities and with the beautiful, colorful guesthouse they share with every passionate tourist.

Nota bene: do not miss the sunset here! It is such a beauty and a blessing

What SHE Likes

  • the hospitality and the family behind
  • the cozy, little, beautiful rooms
  • the traditional food from The Danube Delta

What HE Likes

  • the traditional fish soup
  • early encounters with the birds
  • sunsets here


  • The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe, after the Volga Delta and the best preserved on the continent;
  • Its surface area is 4,152 km2, of which 3,446 km2 in Romania;
  • The Danube branches into three main distributaries into the delta: ChiliaSulina and Sfântul Gheorghe;
  • The climate of the Danube Delta is continental, with strong influences from the Black Sea. It is the driest and sunniest region of Romania.


Iara Guesthouse, Ilganii de Jos, Egretei Street 2, Nufaru, Tulcea county

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