Cuibul de Lemn

Hand in hand with nature

Just couple of minutes away from Râșnov, you will find a beautiful property after you exit the main road. Our first reaction when we saw the design of this beautiful retreat hotel was „Wow, how did they build this?”. More surprises are following as you enter and discover all the details. The nest design of the buildings is something particular, you will not find this kind or architecture in other places.

Cuibul de Lemn

Comfortable hideaway

This retreat hotel was built having in mind the traditional values and the warmth of that safe personal space. The hotel is located in an open space, having an amazing view towards the mountains. The rooms, all of them having the same beautiful view, are comfortable and spacious. You will find three types of rooms: the double ones that are all located at the base floor, the apartments that are very good for families and the duplex rooms that have a beautiful living room on one floor and the bedroom on the top floor.

Cuibul de lemn

What to do

A breathe of fresh air

The place is inviting you to stay around. What could you want more than a beautiful view and very clean air? The area around the hotel is multifunctional so your options are vast: bicycle rent, tubing, walks in the neighborhood, sauna and Jacuzzi. If you feel this is not enough, you are just minutes away from Râșnov fortress, Râșnov cave and Cheile Râșnoavei. Also, in 15 minutes by car you can reach to Bran where you will find the amazing Bran Castle.

What to eat

Local cuisine with a touch

The hotel restaurant is a wonderful surprise. You will find plenty of options, all dishes are tasty and more important, the plates look amazing. The menu contains good local cuisine mixed with some international flavor. Everything is cooked perfectly and you will not be wrong if you choose to have all meals here. We remember very well the chicken with garlic, the duck and our traditional desert, Papanași.

Where to go

Bran and Râșnov, as described before, are a good option if you want to travel around. Still, if you want more, in 20 minutes by car you can reach Brașov city and in 30 minutes Poiana Brașov. So, four good options in maximum 30 minutes away from Cuibul de Lemn.

Cuibul de Lemn - Restaurant
Cuibul de lemn - papanasi
Cuibul de lemn - restaurant
Cuibul de lemn - by night

This is a place newly open. The official opening was in the end of 2019 but you will feel like they do this for years. The staff is very helpful and professional and will do everything in their power to make your stay unforgettable.

Summer or winter, this place has a particular magic all the time and seasons.

What SHE Likes

  • the mix between traditional design and modern accommodation
  • the upstairs bedrooms
  • the professional and dedicated staff

What HE Likes

  • the nest design
  • the „eyes” villa
  • the morning fresh air


  • Râșnov Citadel was built in 1211-1225 by the Teutonic Knights. It was mentioned for the first time in 1331 as Rosnouand, again in 1388 as villa Rosarum. While the village was razed many times in its history by Tatars, Turks and Wallachians, the castle was conquered only once, in 1612 by Gabriel Báthory;
  • In 2002, Râșnov Fortress and the surroundings were used during the shooting of several scenes from the American film Cold Mountain;
  • In August 2013 Râșnov became the host of the first extreme metal festival in Romania, known as Rockstadt Extreme Fest which was held at the hill’s base of the Citadel;
  • Cheile Râșnoavei represent a perfect natural setting for mountain sports and leisure activities, with easy access and tourist accommodation in the immediate vicinity;
  • Cheile Râșnoavei are located in Bârsa Mountains, more precisely in Postăvaru Mountains (1799 m). From this peak descends to west-south-east a ridge of white limestone rock, called the Muchia Cheii.


Cuibul de Lemn, Râșnov, Brașov County

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