Cincsor Fortified Church

Somewhere between the two beautiful cities, Brașov and Sibiu, you will find Cincșor village. While getting close to the village you will see the majestic defense towers of the Fortified Church, like soldiers looking around for enemies, right next to the beautiful Cincșor Guesthouses, so close to our heart.

This church was built between 1421 and 1427 but then got some more defensive upgrades. You will also find here a beautiful organ that was installed in 1805 and which is one of the most famous from Transylvania. Also, one very old bell from 1644 is to be found in one of the towers.

As you enter in the interior yard, on the right part see the tower used as a small museum. Go up to the last floor and enjoy the beautiful view of the village and in the back, Făgăraș mountains. It is a breathtaking view!

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