Castelul Haller

A baroque style castle in Transylvania

What a majestic entrance! The granite street towards the castle, the trees on the left and right, the castle view when you are get close to it, all these should be lived and felt in a slow motion. This Transylvanian castle was built in baroque style in the 17th century and it was owned by different Transylvanian noble families. In 1610 the domain and entire Ogra village entered in the property of Haller family and remained like this for 300 years. In the 18th century construction works were performed and the castle gained the beautiful shape we see today. After the communist nationalization, state institutions were moved inside the building and from this period untill 1990 the domain experienced a fast degradation and was transformed into a ruin. In 2007 the castle was recovered by one of the inheritors and sold to a family of entrepreneurs from Târgu Mureș city. After a serious investment the castle and the domain are now shining again.

The elegance of the old times

Just imagine that this castle had mural paintings and stucco, solid wood brought from Paris and chandeliers from Vienna. Inside was also a Roman-Catholic private chapel where Franciscan monks were serving. Nowadays, after many years of reconstruction, you will find here an elegant restaurant, a large wine cellar, modern rooms and an authentic spa area with salt that is pumped from the underground.

Time for contemplating

The domain itself is a story. Just take a sit at a table outside, order a glass of Romanian wine and try to imagine how things were looking hundreds of years ago. Sunny days will help a lot, as the beautiful yellow color of the castle is looking even more magical. Look for the old carriage and the collection cars they have on the domain; they will keep you tied up in those noble times.

What to do

We enjoyed the property during the time of the week and as there were not many tourists we took our time to check the domain and the surrounding area. Definitely, no matter the weather, the SPA with salty water is a very good option for relaxation. If not, just resting on the terrace will be just fine.

What to eat

Traditional Transylvanian all the way

You are in an area where every dish is a wonder. Whatever your taste is, the local ingredients and the traditional Transylvanian cuisine will impress you. We like the bread very much, with duck lard and onion and the duck breast prepared in the oven.

Where to go

Ogra village is located in the western part of Mureș county. You can travel 30 minutes by car and visit Târgu Mureș city that was first documented in 1332, now the capital of the county. Also, in maximum 1 hour by car you can reach Sighișoara, a beautiful citadel with a very long history.Contact Castel Haller, Ogra, Mureș County

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  • the rebirth story of the castle
  • the baroque style
  • the details
  • the entrance alley
  • a glass of wine on the terrace
  • the old carriage used for special events
  • Haller Castle is the first Transylvanian castle that was renovated;
  • The owners are always around the place so whatever your need they will be very happy to help you;
  • During the communism the castle hosted many institutions: a school, a kindergarten, a boarding school, a mill, a bakery;
  • The salted water used for the SPA is obtained from the drilling they made in the castle yard;
  • The castle can host different type of events: weddings, baptisms, birthdays, conferences or team buildings.


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