Conacul Secuiesc

At Conacul Secuiesc we discovered a house with beautiful architecture, details and colors specific to the place, quiet rooms, Transylvanian food and the most beautiful view of the place, at the window: at the foot of Piatra Secuiului, which “convinces even the sun to rise twice”. Located in Rimetea Colțești area, included in The European Cultural Heritage, the mansion now brings the traditional past, the authentic identity and the atmosphere of yesterday. We fell in love with the wonderful area of ​​Alba County, with one of the most beautiful landscapes seen in a Romanian village. Rimetea is practically placed on a plateau, from the edge of which rises spectacularly Piatra Secuiului, with massive walls, rocks and canyons. Overall, the place looks like a colorful postcard, from a rustic and lively part of ​​nature: a lot of green, a huge courtyard arranged just like a natural park, a pond with water lilies and an elegant white building, where guests can find their rooms with unique furniture, hand-painted wood, curtains and traditional details, a lot of color, warm light and a beautiful landscape at the window, every morning.


Stillness, good food and fresh air

In the beautiful courtyard you can enjoy coffee in the morning and in the same setting serve the meals of the day. The menu prepared by the village cooks belongs to the traditional local gastronomy, the ingredients used come from local producers, for example bread, potatoes, poppy seeds, walnuts and the dairy products used are produced in their own factory. Obviously, here you find the best goulash! Then hiking on Piatra Secuiului up to 1128 m altitude, paragliding or rock climbing for the brave ones and observing the ruins of Trascăului Fortress nearby, for explorers, all in one of the most beautiful rural areas in Romania. You should also know about Rimetea that it is the “village of white houses”, the only Romanian village that received The Europa Nostra award at The European Commission for the Conservation of Material Cultural Heritage. With the oldest house built at the end of the 17th century, the village includes 200 houses and traditional Transylvanian outbuildings built between the 17th and 19th centuries.


Rimetea is 24 km away from Aiud, 7 km from Buru, 25 km from Cheile Turzii and 28 km from Turda. At the same time, you can find here old heritage objectives: two fortifications, one from The Iron Age and the other from the Medieval Period, both listed on the list of historical monuments in Alba County. The medieval fortress located on Piatra Secuiului was still standing in the second half of the 19th century, but at the beginning of the 21st century it became ruin. The fortress built before the Mongol invasion in 1241 was the only one in Transylvania that defeated the Turks. The second medieval fortress is located 3 km away from Rimetea, in the western part of Colțești village. The Trascău fortress was built by the Thoroczkói family after 1291. The oldest part of the fortress is represented by a quadrilateral tower, on the north side. The fortress was abandoned after 1703, after the invasions of the Austrians. Other objectives can be: the houses, stables and workshops in the village built between the XVII and XIX centuries, the oldest functional water mill in The Apuseni Mountains (1752), 300 m away from the village center, Cheile Vălișoarei with 27 caves, Cheile Plaiului, geological nature reserve, Cheile Siloș.

Conacul Secuiesc, a real oasis of authenticity and beauty, brought to us the greatness of the mountains, left us linger for a while in the flawless nature, looking at the horizon that seems even more beautiful here. An authentic experience, details, relaxation, green everywhere and a lively village, preserved, wonderful in colors, customs and beliefs.

  • the architecture of the mansion
  • the vast park
  • the peace of the place
  • the Hungarian food
  • the courtyard overlooking Piatra Secuiului
  • the natural beauty of the place
  • In Rimetea the houses have kept their architecture intact, also the old customs of over a thousand years are respected;
  • In the center of Rimetea village visit the Ethnographic Museum for a trip back in time: a collection of over 11 000 pieces, objects related to mining, metallurgy and wood processing;
  • The old water mill of the village, from the 18th century, is still used by the locals; The Fortified Unitarian Church dates from the same century, which preserves elements of local architecture and culture;
  • Colțești village is also at the foot of Piatra Secuiului; Here you can find The Trascău Fortress, built at the end of the 13th century by the vice-voivode Thorotzkay;
  • In Colțești visit The Samuel Brassai Museum, linguist and professor, member of the Budapest Academy, the former Franciscan Monastery (18th-19th centuries) and the Roman Catholic Church (18th century).


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