Mesendorf Cheese

Meșendorf village has been a surprising peaceful oasis for us, as it seems to ourselves like this is indeed the place where everything is still, slow and at peace. Actually some of the inhabitants are really working and building behind the big saxon doors, beautiful, original and lasting things and experiences, in this small village of Transylvania. Exactly as it is happening right now at Meșendorf 65, or Meșendorf Cheese, as we like to call this beautiful, tiny, joyful place.

At no. 65 you will find visiting Meșendorf, this cozy house and also an old restored barn, as a local gastronomic point, where artisanal cheese is also made, only with unpasteurised cow milk from the village.

The truth is we found here the best cheese we had tried in Transylvania, aged for at least 3 months, not more than 6. We also met the beautiful owners, who moved from busy Bucharest to calm Meșendorf, for a more peaceful life and for making the best cheese of these lands.

After some lovely storytelling with them, we tasted this delicious product in many variations: with herbs, made in wine or in beer, even with caraway, pepper or truffles.

The owners have their little cheese factory in the village, while all the cows they have are living free in the nature, being treated as good as possible, surrounded by the beautiful hills and meadows of Meșendorf. Which convinced us once again that the cheese is what it should be: a quality natural cheese, from happy free cows. 🙂

At no. 65 the local gastronomic point organized in the beautiful restored old barn will impress you with all kinds of meals and recipes, some traditional, some of them reinterpreted. You need reservation in advance in order to serve lunch or dinner here, in this colored space, full of dear objects, pots, books, local symbols in a kind of hipster style, as the hosts are saying with amusement. But for sure the place describes very good their own spirit, somewhere between the actual modern life they left behind and the simple bohemian village life they love. 🙂

Come and try their amazing cheese, a product we love and order every time we can, directly to Bucharest. Also reserve a table in the beautiful barn and enjoy for a while what a simple village and some open hearted and minded people have to offer. Not only a family local business, but also their soul.

  • Visit & stay at Meșendorf Gasthaus, a beautiful saxon property with a wide green yard;
  • Visit the old and beautiful Fortified Church from Meșendorf.
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