Anna Charisma Chalet

Places are actually people

Places are actually people. The warmth of a house is always emanated by its host, hospitality illuminates every corner and good people give life to the most beautiful stories. The places we visit on every trip would not exist without their people.

We arrived at Anna Charisma Chalet, a place with pictures, details and stories, secluded somewhere, in a corner of a forest, near Avrig, Sibiu. Anna Charisma is an authentic, modernly furnished cottage, with wonderful local details and gifts for travelers, a true experience in nature.

Anna Charisma Chalet, a feminine concept with modern notes

Anna Charisma, The Carpathian Chalet, is a story about passion, strength, virtue and a lot of work. At the same time, it is a story about sensuality, elegance, balance and calm. A sanctuary of luxury hidden in the heart of nature. You come here to be yourself, to find your balance away from the rules of the artificial world. You come here to be, not to do.”Like all places dear to us, Anna Charisma has a story in the first place. In this case, the story is written by a mother and a daughter, Bianca and Anais, each inspired by the other’s personality. We find Bianca as the ideal host, energetic, involved, with all her soul in her place, restless. As we sometimes find the hosts on our road, people who give life, story, meaning and color to their places. People without whom neither the place, nor the landscape, or the house would have the same emotion.

Anna Charisma Chalet, a chalet with history

The chalet itself also has a story to tell to those ready to listen. During the Second World War, it was used by the Czechs to supply water to the nearby secret weapons factory in Mîrșa. Later, during the communist regime, it hosted hunting sessions and elite parties of that time. After the 1989 revolution, the building was bought by the current owners and turned into a guesthouse. In 2019 it was renovated again to become what we discovered today. An oasis.


At Anna Charisma Chalet, the experience starts on the mountain road to the cottage. You are surrounded by nature, take a deep breath of the good air that you have certainly missed. And even when you reach the chalet, a suspended bridge awaits you, floating 15 meters above a river. So, the whole range of emotions and feelings.

Above the bridge you will find the Waterfall of Angels, 15 meters height. We are impressed by the beauty of the art objects that we discover in nature, so well and harmoniously combined with the outside, but also with the inside. Angels carved in wood outside, then pastels and contemporary photography inside the chalet rooms.

At home, but also on vacation, Scandinavian accents, intimacy, peace

There are five apartments and a penthouse for the guests at Anna Charisma Chalet. The design of the cottage was imagined for large groups, but the apartments can also be rented individually. Modern details, warm lights and colors, the wood that reminds you that you are in a mountain chalet, the forest unfolding at the window.

Somehow an atmosphere that reminds you of home, but also of vacation, Scandinavian accents, intimacy and peace. The penthouse offers a complete experience with a central fireplace, a dining area and great views of the nearby forest and river.

Sauna, wine cellar, library, beach & dining

Discover all the experiences at Anna Charisma Chalet. We can mention here the sauna and the relaxation area, the wine cellar, the library and the beach. In addition to the sauna, you can take a hot bath outside, after which you can relax by the campfire, watching a movie projected outdoors. Further on, in the cellar you will discover a collection of Romanian and international wines, used for the dishes or for the events organized here.

We like the library, located on the first floor, with a wonderful collection of fiction. You can hide in any corner of the chalet to enjoy your reading. During your visit here you can bring a book to donate to the cottage, so you can leave your mark on the beautiful place. And the beach by the river is a real therapy in nature, which you will enjoy in the warm season.

The isolation and peace

What we love most about Anna Charisma is the isolation and peace it offers. The outside perimeter covers 11,000 m² of land, including the garden, forest, river and several waterfalls, all of them private areas. And the nearest neighbor lives a 15-minute drive away.


Organic products that still grow on their own

At Anna Charisma Chalet you can find “organic products that still grow on their own, in their wild environment. Mushrooms, herbs and greens such as nettles, leurd or sorrel, berries and nuts. Our menu is a creative one, with influences from the local cuisine, so you might come across the specialty of the day, Grandma’s Saxon Rhubarb soup, or a traditional Avrig goulash.” We were captivated by the mix of approaches, tastes and recipes. At the same time, you can choose your favorite option for dining: self catering, with a kitchen equipped with everything you need, half board or full board. There is also the option of inviting a chef to cook especially for your stay here.


Anna Charisma, the inspiration of the raw green

Above the chalet rises Suru Peak, 2281 meters high. Basically, a day of walking to get there. The Avrig Valley also looks great from above. Anna Charisma Chalet organizes various activities such as workshops in which you learn how to make local brandy or jam, outdoor games, archery and activities with ATVs or enduro bikes. Also outside there are waterfalls, ancient forests, fruits and herbs and wildlife, all ready to be explored.

Anna Charisma Boutique, art inherited from two generations

We fell in love with Anna Charisma Chalet and the products made here, dear and delicious gifts that guests can take home. “Anna Boutique is the beginning. The beginning of a mission to be different through our products and the quality of the custom-made services provided. Culinary art inherited from two generations, fused and updated in contemporary versions. Soul recipes, learned from women in our family.” Among them: pear jam with white wine or peach jam with rosemary, cookies and homemade chocolate, linen, cotton and hemp fabrics or gift boxes for the loved ones, in which you can wonderfully combine simple joys.

People like blessings, experiences like rediscoveries, stories like roads

Ana Charisma Chalet was for us an exit from time and space, a complete overcoming of reality. Complete because the experience of the place is like that. From reaching the nature of another corner of the world, to the symbols and details encountered along the way, to the food that warms you deep inside, to the hosts that seem to have been born here to give life to this piece of the universe.

Everything is comprehensive, but at the same time easy

Everything is comprehensive, but at the same time easy, like a sweet dream that meets you and lasts long enough for you to enjoy, relax and remember it. Yes, Anna Charisma is an unforgettable dream and another proof that we meet people, experiences, stories and not just places. People like blessings, experiences like rediscoveries, stories like roads.Anna Charisma Chalet, Valea Avrigului, Sibiu County

  • the complete experience of having everything, isolated from the world
  • Anna Charisma products
  • the passion of the place
  • the road to the chalet
  • the sound of the waterfall
  • the fresh mountain air
  • Anna Charisma Chalet is located inside a protected area that is part of Natura 2000 network; This is the European network of virgin natural areas, a natural habitat for several species of wildlife animals;
  • The forest around the cottage is protected due to the large number of rare birds, such as the Eagle Pomarina;
  • 35 km from Anna Charisma you will find the city of Sibiu; Once a medieval city, today Sibiu has become an active city, with cultural life, recognized as a gastronomic region;
  • Anna Boutique was founded in 2011 in Avrig as a pastry and bakery laboratory and as a tailoring workshop;
  • Anna Charisma makes corporate or personal gift packages; The products are made of natural ingredients, without food additives or adjuvants; In the case of the textiles, the materials used are natural: cotton, linen, hemp.


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