Casa Kraus

Keeping old life, history and values alive

Hundreds of years ago this was the house of Johannes Traugott Kraus, the local priest from Criț. On the other side of the wall, the beautiful Criț Fortified Church was overlooking the village. Nowadays you will find here a beautiful mansion called Casa Kraus that has a direct entrance in the stunning church. The house was rebuild couple of years ago, following the original plans and was decorated with manual painted furniture, wooden doors and old objects, all giving you a glimpse of how the Saxon community was living. The mansion has a beautiful green yard and a big terrace where you will want to spend as much time as possible.

Rooms with names

Each of the seven rooms has a different Saxon name of famous people that lived in Transylvania. Our favorite is of course the Johann Kraus Room as it is the biggest and with a lot of light getting in through the big windows. Old refurbished furniture was used to decorate the rooms, as you can find a lot of objects that you’ve last seen in your grandparents’ houses. The feeling of going back in time, the emotion you have while watching outside through the window…

People telling stories

There is also one more place you can choose here for accommodation: the Sofia Folberth house that can be found near the entrances, on the domain. This small house was named in the honor of a lady that lives in Germany, is 94 years old and each year she is coming to Criț, in order to tell the visitors stories about the place. You will always find her in the Fortified Church and her energy will make your soul vibrate deeply.

What to do and Where to go


You are in the famous Haferland region so first target should be visiting the fortified churches. Each village has one, some of them in a very good shape, like the one from Criț, others still waiting to be refurbished. But, while walking or biking through the villages, you will also have the chance to see many old houses still standing in front of the time. The closest villages we have seen are Viscri, Bunești, Meșendorf, Cloașterf, Biertan, Alma Vii. All of them take you back in time and make you forget for couple of hours the agitated life of the big cities.

What to eat

At the basement of Casa Kraus, in the former winery, you will find the restaurant. Choose a Romanian red wine and light up the candles; you will be in the right place. During summer, dinner on the terrace, under the stars, is a must.

Casa Kraus is one of our favorite places in the area, not only for the good accommodation and design of the domain, but more for the individual decision to rebuild, to get involved in the village life, to change and improve the community. Casa Kraus is indeed a personal example of what can be done in order to keep old life, history and values alive.Casa Kraus, Criț Village 25, Bunești, Brașov County

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  • the view from the garden
  • the beautiful wine cellar
  • the Saxon feeling, culture and spirit everywhere
  • the community involvement
  • the story of Johannes Traugott Kraus
  • listening to Mrs. Sofia Folberth
  • Located in the heart of Transylvania, Criț village belongs to Haferland region or Oats Country as it is also called by the locals the area between Sighișoara and Râșnov;
  • Haferland Week, which takes place every year in August, is an important attraction as it gathers hundreds of Saxons back in the country to celebrate their customs and traditions together; From traditional Saxon dances, to movie screenings and cultural exhibitions, Haferland means a week of continuous activities dedicated to Saxon culture;
  • Places like Roadeș, Viscri, Bunești, Rupea, Fișer, Meșendorf or Saschiz, next to Criț, are perfect examples of Saxon villages, where the houses have walls, the solid wood furniture is hand painted and the people are welcoming;
  • For nature lovers, the surrounding meadows and forests are wonderful; They can be walked or cycled;
  • Some of the most interesting Fortified Churches of Transylvania are very close (within 14 km); They can even be visited on foot or on a bicycle tour.


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