Chalet Alpina

Energy, good air, the tranquility of a perfect landscape at the window

Nothing gives us more joy than returning to places of the soul. Whether it’s about landscapes that we find just as beautiful over the years, whether we end up in places where we last left as children, or whether we vaguely remember the outline of a landscape, a corner of nature, a tree, a rock that once appeared to us on our road. This time the returning was at Chalet Alpina, an authentic cottage, beautifully built on a plateau close to rocks and firs. An experience at the mountains, in fresh and good air, regardless of the season, truly magical in winter and an oasis of fresh green in summer. Quiet, secluded, with birdsong in the morning at the window, good food, the warmth of a rustic fireplace at the mountains.

Chalet Alpina, once setting and landscape of the childhood spent at the mountains

Once setting and landscape of the childhood, close to home, Padina Plateau, near Ialomița Cave, in the heart of Bucegi Mountains, an area of ​​special beauty and energy, found us today in another stage of life, but with the same feeling of beauty, nostalgia and rebirth, with every breath of fresh air or wonderful rediscovered landscape. We used to wander the paths, pick wildflowers, hunt the first wild strawberries, take off our shoes in the cold streams or small waterfalls, venture into the cave that always offered other and other stories, scenarios, dreams.Today the area has kept its beauty, as if untouched in some places, but now it certainly offers more experiences to travelers, through facilities and accommodation. On our first visit to Chalet Alpina we discovered an immaculate snow that we missed, a perfectly drawn landscape at the window, no noise of the modern world, just the shy visits of the foxes around, perhaps more friendly than ever.

Chalet Alpina, a former hunting lodge adapted to the current time

Chalet Alpina is a former hunting lodge, built during the communist period, according to the customs of those times. Today, renovated and adapted to the modern times, the private property becomes an experience for mountain and secluded places lovers. Placed on a wide plateau, where in winter the snow falls wonderfully and in the summer the wild flowers flood the green carpet, Chalet Alpina can also be a place to rest, stop for a really good meal and a starting point in exploring the natural beauties around.

Chalet Alpina has a warm comfort, a particular intimacy, nice colors, natural materials, personal accents

We simply rested, enjoyed the sun and mild weather, explored the generous courtyard and talked to the locals about the history and evolution of the area. We really liked the modern details and the rustic accents of the interiors, the comfort and the careful cleanliness of the guest rooms, the images and paintings that decorate the walls of the cottage and that remind us of the nature that we enjoy here. The cottage has a warm comfort, a certain intimacy, highlighted by nice colors, natural materials, personal accents.

A local menu, modernly adapted and with some influences from various parts of the country

We were impressed by the locals, their openness and the shared stories. The menu and the dishes were really the surprises of our stay at Chalet Alpina. A local menu, but modernly adapted and with some influences from various parts of the country. Options for classic cuisine lovers, as well as for vegetarians or for those who want a light dinner. We highly recommend the house’s special pancakes, baked in the oven, with lots of sweet cheese and raisins. Breakfast is a slow living one, behind the generous open windows in front of the beautiful plateau that we found dressed in white.

Padina-Peştera area, located entirely in a natural park, unique in the country

The whole area we are in, the Bucegi mountains, respectively Padina-Peştera, is rich in touristic objectives and in possibilities to explore various natural wonders. It was declared an area of ​​national interest in 2018 and is located entirely in a natural park, being unique in the country. At the same time, it has remained among the few touristic areas untouched by excessive investment, even if many tourists see it every year.

Ialomița Cave, Babele, The Sfinx, Omu Peak, Zănoagei Gorges, Bolboci Lake and Tătarului Gorges

Ialomița Cave is perhaps the first destination to explore, at an altitude of 1,530 m and with a length of 480 m, of which 400 m are accessible to tourists, with galleries and halls. Next to Babele, at an altitude of 2,292 m, is the fascinating Sphinx, Omu Peak, at 2505 m, Zănoagei Gorges, stretched for 1 km, with level differences that the Ialomița River flows in cascades, up to the beautiful Bolboci Lake and Tătarului Gorges, a protected area, at an altitude of 1,800 m. From Padina there are many mountain trails that can be explored, leading to stunning sceneries, many of which may still be untouched. For example, Padina – Cabana Peștera – Cabana Vârful Omu, Padina – Peştera – Babele or Padina – Peştera – Piatra Arsă. Also from here, cross-country ski trails, outside the arranged slopes.

Whether you are exploring all these areas or enjoying the sun slowly, in a chair sitting in the right place on the terrace of your beloved cottage, the place will lend you the same creative and healing energy, for which the area is famous.

Chalet Alpina, good rest, healing peace, slow breakfast, a glass of wine served in front of the fireplace

Chalet Alpina was a good rest for us, the one after which you long for in every getaway, the surprise of discovering an immaculate landscape in the morning, at the window, the healing peace, in which you can finally listen to your thoughts. At the same time, a breakfast served slowly, in front of the vast plateau, the break in the sun, on the terrace, the evening relaxation and the glass of wine served in front of the fireplace. Chalet Alpina was also the beautiful emotion and enthusiasm, maybe the melancholy of returning to a place known from the distant childhood, all found somehow, but in other forms, colors and moments. That authentic cottage, modernly adapted, but simple, where everything seems to be in place. Not needing more than a weekend for a total disconnection.

Chalet Alpina in its new form and the whole area of ​​ wonderful Bucegi Mountains reminded us, once again, of the well-known finding that there is nothing more beautiful and interesting than going back to a known place and actually realize how much you have actually changed.Chalet Alpina, Dobrești, Punct Horoaba Street, Moroeni, Dâmbovița County

  • the deep silence of the place
  • returning to a familiar place
  • the warm people
  • the modern details and rustic accents of the cottage
  • the location in the center of the beautiful natural plateau
  • the surprising menu and dishes
  • Ialomița Cave is one of the best known in our country, located on the right side of Ialomița Gorges, with a length of 480 m, depth of -60 m, at an altitude of 1660 m, discovered in 1294;
  • Ialomița Cave can be visited up to the Altar room, an area accessible to tourists of 400 m;
  • The access to the cave can also be made via the Bușteni cable car to Babele and further, to Peștera;
  • The origin of the name of the Sphinx is related to the resemblance to a human head, more precisely to the Egyptian Sphinx, its formation being due to wind erosion; The sphinx is 8 m high and 12 m wide;
  • If you want to make a longer route in the area of ​​ Tătarului Gorges (between Padina plateau and Bolboci Lake) you can go on the forest road marked with a blue cross, from Peştera hotel to Sinaia or Moroeni.


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